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Self-Publishing Services

We have some of the best self-publishing services available!  Paperback and/or eBook, we can get it done! We also have Global Distribution!

Book Marketing Services

We have complete marketing for your new book, including coverage on our high traffic site, social media coverage and Awesome SEO services.

Complete Editing Services

Our editing staff is second to none. They can take care of any job you bring to us. We will make sure your book is prepared for a happy reading experience.

Author's Website Creation

We can build you a great website to market your books and we have great SEO services and social media software to get you found everywhere on the Internet!

Paul Sinkinson

Visitors >   Paul Sinkinson has written 2 action packed emotional and ruthless thrillers set in France   Pauls’ 45 – 5 stars are growing & both books are now available ‘in print & ebook Paul Sinkinson was born, raised and...

Steve Caresser

Buy book 2 on Smashwords Alien Checkmate 3 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews Has not been edited. Novella 1: Alien Checkmate Up and coming series of novella’s about the world’s next alien invasion. The title implies perhaps it is the last alien invasion. The...

Robert Hatting

Buy on CLICK HERE Crystal Cowboy by Robert Hatting A contemporary western set in the sport of rodeo. A romantic comedy featuring a bull rider with a new age mom. See what transpires when the rodeo cowboys go on strike. Rated PG14. Approx. 80,000 wor...

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Simple steps to self-publishing

First Simple step:

  • Have your book edited by a professional.
  • If your book has not been edited, choose an editor from above.
  • Schedule an edit date by clicking the “Contact Us” link above to speak with your editor of choice.
  • When the edit of your book is complete, move on to step two.
  • If your book has already been edited, proceed to the next step.

Second Simple step:

  • Have a professional book cover designed.
  • Follow the book cover link on the left to talk with our graphic designer and have your cover custom-designed.
  • Once your cover is finished, or if you have already had a professional book cover designed, move on to the third step.

Third Simple step:

  • Now you need your Word .doc formatted for the various companies that will sell your book.
  • Contact Steve Caresser, above on the right. He can format your .doc for any store.
  • Formatting plans start at $30.00 and go up. Feel free to check out all the different plans, so you can select the one that best fits your formatting needs.


Daniel Bryan Jones

The first edition of “Stroke Hope Stroke Awareness” was not edited. This 2nd edition has been edited. How to reduce your chance of having a Stroke. this book is written by me, a stroke survivor of seven years. I was lucky to have had excellent medi...

Paul Hollis

Buy on CLICK HERE by Paul Hollis London Bridge is Falling Down (The Hollow Man Series Book 2) #1 Amazon Bestseller – True Espionage Exciting Follow-Up to The Hollow Man In an exhilarating blend of adventure and international intrigue, U.S. fie...

Jason A. Sinner

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE A Sinner’s Philosophy By Jason A Sinner Jason Sinner is a singer/songwriter/composer who has written and co-written for television and movies. Although best known for his music, he has been getting recognition for his poetry as w...

Dr. Jack A. Apsche

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Tanning on Dangerous Beaches By Dr. Jack A. Apsche Adult In what will be his final book of poetry, renowned psychologist and poet Jack Apsche writes, “Cancer has changed me.” In this remarkable collection, we experience...

Betty Dravis

Buy on CLICK HERE Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons Betty Dravis shares behind-the-scenes happenings of some of her favorite celebrity interviews. She tells what led up to the interviews and her feelings and impressi...

Madeline Courtney

Buy on CLICK HERE Abhorrence and Affection Madeline Courtney Bethany Benedicts: smart, beautiful, and terribly single… But she won’t let that little bump in the road get her down. She has plans, you see, to be married by the end of the y...

Q: Does ePrintedBooks help writers worldwide?

A: Yes we help writers worldwide. As long as you can produce a MS doc in English and open these 3 accounts too sell books we can help you. Can you open a book selling account at, and If so we can help you to self-publish.

This is some of what ePrintedBooks can do for you once you order a package that fits your budget.

  • Turn you into an independent well established self-publisher.
  • Eliminate the middleman so you get 100% of your royalties.
  • Help you open 3 accounts taking you global and paying you royalties.
  • You pay no royalties to ePrintedBooks.
  • Get your ebook in the largest distribution in the world.
  • Get your print book in your hands and in online stores.
  • Buy as many of your print books as you like wholesale.
  • Depending on the number of pages, wholesale print books are $2.00 +
  • You own and control all the documents and images we work on.
  • We also have the most dynamic book marketing plan called: Author Promo Page!

This is just an idea of what we can do for you. Feel free to click here to check out our packages.

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to launching you globally!

Paul James

Visitors >   Paul James is a Canadian writer making his dreams come true!     Paul James’s debut novel of comedy along with everyday life will keep you in suspense while laughing! Paul’s novel is now available in print & ebook...

Christie Moses

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Letters West By Christie Moses “I have stood on great mountaintops and felt my immortality; I am one being of land and sea. There is no sound but my heart and wind expelled from countless souls filtered to the very breath of illu...

Phil Rosenberg

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Job Search Secrets By Phil Rosenberg For an insider’s look at getting hired, purchase this book by Phil Rosenberg, internationally recognized job search expert, the most connected career coach on Linkedin, and former recruite...

Note: This message is on every page. Thank you for reading.

Hello, I’m Steve Caresser. Some call me an author and some call me a poet. I believe one day I could very well be. Don’t most of us live in hope? So I’m just a fellow writer and I’m the owner and ceo of ePrintedBooks. Thanks for stopping by to check us out.

Keep reading; I’m going to save you a lot of time and money on our site. Our prices are comparable with our competitors. Each time an author orders our services at regular price it gives us a surplus that goes toward publishing the next homeless author’s print and eBook. We just love working with and helping authors as much as we can, and we just love giving discounts on our larger packages. We have over 1000 happy returning authors. We try to help at least 2 authors per year (wish we could help more) to self-publish with no charge. If you can afford our regular prices, then you will be helping a homeless author to get self-published. If you can’t afford our regular prices don’t let our prices scare you off, just take your time to see what discounts we have in store for you then email us at and attach your word doc. (We need to see your doc because some authors cause major formatting problems and some don’t.) So attach your doc to your email and tell us what you wish to accomplish, and we will give you a no obligated discounted estimate.

We have top performing copy editors editing our clients’ books, so please feel free to check their testimonies. However, I am not an editor and sometimes I post without our editors scrutiny, so if you see an error on our website that I designed and manage I appreciate it when you let me know, as I am an author and poet needing my writings edited just like most of you do.

If you’re stressed out you might want to watch a short video and take a walk with Steve Caresser along a beautiful creek

Gloria Antypowich

Visitors >   Gloria Antypowich has written a new five star series called “Belanger Creek Ranch”.   All 4 books of her series are available with 26 ✰✰✰✰✰ reviews & multiplying. Gloria Antypowich writes Contemporary Adult F...

Richard Adamski

Visitors >   Richard Adamski a new writer making his dreams come true with his first novel, Three Trees!   About the author, Richard Adamski At the time of publication of Three Trees the author was aged 62. Many years ago he was addicted to a Clas...

Gene Thomas

Gene Thomas is a ✰✰✰✰✰ fiction author with a wonderful taste in variety. div id=”tab” width=”500″ align=”center”>   Gene has six books & 4 have ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews & one is coming soon! Gene Tho...