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Gloria Antypowich

Visitors >   Gloria Antypowich has written a new five star series called “Belanger Creek Ranch”.   All 4 books of her series are available with 26 ✰✰✰✰✰ reviews & multiplying. Gloria Antypowich writes Contemporary Adult Fiction. In 2015 she published the Belanger Creek Ranch Series, a group of four books that can be read […]

Richard Adamski

Visitors >   Richard Adamski a new writer making his dreams come true with his first novel, Three Trees!   About the author, Richard Adamski At the time of publication of Three Trees the author was aged 62. Many years ago he was addicted to a Class A drug (amphetamine) and smoked cannabis. It was […]

Gene Thomas

Gene Thomas is a ✰✰✰✰✰ fiction author with a wonderful taste in variety. div id=”tab” width=”500″ align=”center”>   Gene has six books & 4 have ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews & one is coming soon! Gene Thomas has had several major careers. His first career was in air traffic control. Another was a Defense Contractor during the Reagan […]

Paul James

Visitors >   Paul James is a Canadian writer making his dreams come true!     Paul James’s debut novel of comedy along with everyday life will keep you in suspense while laughing! Paul’s novel is now available in print & ebook!     Important Note! The Whole World News’ has interviewed Paul James about […]

Christie Moses

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Letters West By Christie Moses “I have stood on great mountaintops and felt my immortality; I am one being of land and sea. There is no sound but my heart and wind expelled from countless souls filtered to the very breath of illusion. How you shift beside me; our separation […]

Phil Rosenberg

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Job Search Secrets By Phil Rosenberg For an insider’s look at getting hired, purchase this book by Phil Rosenberg, internationally recognized job search expert, the most connected career coach on Linkedin, and former recruiter. Learn how Phil teaches job seekers to accelerate their job search and thrive in today’s massively […]

Dr. Jack A. Apsche

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Tanning on Dangerous Beaches By Dr. Jack A. Apsche Adult In what will be his final book of poetry, renowned psychologist and poet Jack Apsche writes, “Cancer has changed me.” In this remarkable collection, we experience the many ways that incurable cancer has, indeed, changed this gifted poet—even changing the […]

Betty Dravis

Buy on CLICK HERE Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons Betty Dravis shares behind-the-scenes happenings of some of her favorite celebrity interviews. She tells what led up to the interviews and her feelings and impressions during and after the meetings. Among those interviewed were: Actor/Director Clint Eastwood, Senator Ted Kennedy, […]

Madeline Courtney

Buy on CLICK HERE Abhorrence and Affection Madeline Courtney Bethany Benedicts: smart, beautiful, and terribly single… But she won’t let that little bump in the road get her down. She has plans, you see, to be married by the end of the year to a rich, handsome gentleman. However, those plans are quickly ruined […]

Daniel Bryan Jones

The first edition of “Stroke Hope Stroke Awareness” was not edited. This 2nd edition has been edited. How to reduce your chance of having a Stroke. this book is written by me, a stroke survivor of seven years. I was lucky to have had excellent medical insurance and was able to live and receive World […]