Watch Every Leonardo DiCaprio Film In This Amazing 7 Minute Video

Watch Every Leonardo DiCaprio Film In This Amazing 7 Minute Video


We, along with the rest of the world, are rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to win his first EVER Oscar at this year’s awards.

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The 2016 Academy Awards are almost here (eek!) so we are getting ready for them in true Oscar-style and reminiscing over the simply great career that Leonardo DiCaprio has had.

Whilst we know the Oscars isn’t just about Leo, there has been so much hype around whether or not this will finally be his year, it’s simply impossible to not dwell over it ourselves!

Looking back at all the movies he has ever done, from the legendary Titanic to The Wolf Of Wall Street and sooo many more, it’s quite hard to believe he hasn’t ever taken home an Oscar trophy.

We can’t help but feel sorry for the talented actor with the amount of pressure on him to take home the title for Best Actor this year.

Yet maybe the Oscar win is well and truly going to happen for Leonardo this year after his mesmerizing role in The Revenant.

He put himself through torture for the lead role, even eating a real-life Bison’s liver in the film. The part we see on camera is actually Leo eating it for the very first time meaning his real reaction is what was filmed for the movie!

We applaud his efforts in his latest film and we hold all hope that he will actually be getting his hands on one of those godly golden figures!

Thanks to one genius on YouTube, we can watch every single film he’s ever been in with this 7 minute mash-up and it’s simply amazing!

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Review Watch Every Leonardo DiCaprio Film In This Amazing 7 Minute Video

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