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Our world, as we knew it… Is over. When the monsters from a distant Solar System came to destroy us, we lost everything, and became mere shambles of our previous civilization. Then the Martians came. An unlikely ally, from another world, flew through the clouds in flying saucers, and freed us from our merciless oppressors, and brought humanity into a new age. Our saviors shared the secrets behind their superior technology, and for sixteen years, the supposed Martians rebuilt our civilization far better than it ever could have been without them. It was glorious… until alas, our enemy reemerged…While on a mission to clear asteroids near a high value Space Station, an unexperienced crew of nobodies is pulled into an epic war. The crew is taken prisoner by the monster’s… or, ‘Jupitain’s,’ warship, and are ordered to be killed. In a twist of luck, the crew escape, and are forced to painstakingly roam through the far reaches of the Galaxy, trying not only to get back to Earth… but to save it.

1/20/2019 * * F * * 1/20/2020

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