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Home Health This Powerful Tea is The Best Remedy for Swollen Legs

This Powerful Tea is The Best Remedy for Swollen Legs


Swelling of the legs, particularly of the ankles and feet is often an early symptom of venous insufficiency or poor blood circulation. This is a type of condition wherein blood inadequately moves up the veins from the legs and feet up to the heart. Normally, our veins keep the blood flowing up and towards the heart through a so called one-way valve. However, when these valves become weak or stops working properly, the blood leaks back down the vessels allowing the fluid to pool in your lower limbs especially the ankles and feet.


There are a lot of causes why an individual develops swollen feet. Those of which includes:

  • Excess Body weight
  • Diet rich in Salt
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Prolonged sitting and standing

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However, there are also interventions that can help prevent Leg swelling. These includes the following:

  • Raise your legs above your heart while lying down
  • Do leg exercises
  • Diet modification- Low-salt diet
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing around your thighs
  • Take a 30 min. break to stand up and move around if you have long hours of sitting or standing
  • Drink Parsley Tea

Yes, thats right. Drinking Parsley Tea can help remove leg swelling because these herb contains a lot of nutrients. Also, one of the healing properties Parsley has is its Natural diuretic property in which, it will allow you to urinate frequently to be able to remove the fluids that have accumulated in your legs.

How to prepare this simple yet incredible tea?

  • Gather fresh parsley roots and leaves
  • Chop the roots and leaves finely and mix it together
  • Take 5 teaspoons of your mixed parsley roots and leaves and bring it to a boil in half a liter of water for 5 min
  • Let it stand for 20 min. afterwards to cool it down
  • Strain the boiled parsley parts to separate the parsley parts from the tea

Optional: You can also squeeze a slice of lemon for a tangy taste.

You can now drink your home made parsley tea. It is recommended that you drink this tea three times a day to achieve greater therapeutic effects.

Source: healthandhealthyliving

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