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The Forest and The Flames (The Chronicles of Matilda, Lady of Flanders Book 2) G. Lawrence, Consuelo Parra: 


The Forest and The Flames (The Chronicles of Matilda, Lady of Flanders Book 2) Kindle Edition

Autumn, 1066
The Battle of Hastings is done. The struggle for England begins.
Matilda, Lady of Flanders, Duchess of Normandy, rules as Regent of Normandy for her husband, Duke William. William has won the Battle of Hastings, but Saxon England does not wish to surrender to him as King. As William sets England to flame, Matilda waits in Normandy for the time to come when she can claim her crown. Through bloodshed, battle and struggle will England be won, but even as Matilda rejoices for her new power, a prophesy is spoken, linking the fates of her children to the wailing voices and horrific images in dreams which come to haunt her. Matilda comes to understand that God is watching, and is not pleased with what He sees. As Matilda battles to save her children, she finds she must stand against her own husband, in order to protect the lives, and immortal souls, of her sons and daughters.
Through heartache, discord, battle, rebellion and slaughter, the fate of England, and the future of the house of Normandy, will be decided.
The Forest and The Flames is book two in The Chronicles of Matilda, Lady of Flanders, by G. Lawrence
The author’s thanks to Julia Gibbs, proof reader, as well as Consuelo Parra, the artist who designed the cover, and the model featured on the cover, Jaymasee,deviantart.
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