Home Advertising 12 Months Advertising Subscription $5 Dollars Per Month

12 Months Advertising Subscription $5 Dollars Per Month

$5.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee

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12 Months Advertising Subscription $5.00 Per Month.

If you order this subscription We will do all the work to set up your kindle or article on our website (1,732,680 yearly visitors and growing) and tweet it out twice every other day on our Twitter account of (at this time) 20K followers.
Here’s How to Get Your Book or Article Seen by Our 1,732,680 Real People Who Will Visit Over the Next Year.

On a PC the heading “Popular Posts of Daily Views” is on your right. On a phone that heading is down just a little lower. All the books and articles under that heading will be seen by almost every one of our 1,732,680 real people who will visit our site throughout the year.

Want to know how to get your book or article showing up under the heading “Popular Posts of Daily Views?” Once you order one full year of advertising just share the link your book or article is on with as many people as you can. The page that gets the most visits will show up on the top of the row.

While we do guarantee we are honest on our website visitors, absolutely no one can guarantee results in advertising. So please understand that there is never any refund when you order advertising.

We reserve the right to cancel any order and if we do cancel your order we refund your money.

Please Take Your Time To Read This Advertisement From The Whole World News.

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