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Peer Inside My Soul and See Me – by De Ann Townes Jr.. Poetry – Literature & Fiction


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Peer Inside My Soul and See Me - by De Ann Townes Jr.. -
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Peer Inside My Soul and See Me

In the stillness of my mind as the world around me communicates with a creative passion that touches my heart to reveal and release an overflow of profound poetry from deep within the recesses of my very soul. I flow with an artistically unique rhythm that is all my own. Step into a world created to sooth, center and expose the senses. I’m artistry through fluent and flowing poetry in motion and I’m letting it flow..

12/21/2018 * * F * * 12/21/2019

This is poetry at its best

Being a well known poet my self it takes profound poetry to reach down into my heart. This poet, De Ann Townes Jr., has done just that with this wonderful book of poetry. I recommend all poetry lovers to not miss out on this deep flowing heart felt poetry book.
- Steve Caresser
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