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Lucan: Part 1 by Christine Duts. Literature & Fiction – Historical Fiction – Fantasy – Horror – Paranormal – Werewolves


Lucan: Part 1 Kindle Edition

Reclusive Lucan now tells it all. His past is no longer shrouded in mystery. No more secrets. The tragedies that plagued him in mortal life are now out in the open, unleashed from his cross of burden.
Lucan´s story takes us to ancient Rome and introduces us to Commodus, the emperor of Rome. On the run from Commodus´s wrath, circumstances separate him from his family and he is caught by Penelope, fount of the vampires, who turns him into an immortal. Lucan has only his family and their safety on his mind, but he understands that to keep his family safe from the dangers of immortality, he has to leave them.
His journey takes him and his beloved wife Althea to Morgan, the banshee, who lives among the mysterious Forest People, and to his first encounter with a werewolf. Lucan and Althea take the reader on a voyage through the centuries, witnessing heroic battles in the East and the intrigues of monarchies in the West. The Renaissance re-enforces the bond between Lucan and Althea, at the same time introducing Giada, a dangerous Renaissance vampire. He finds friendship with the charismatic Orion who unwittingly brings him closer to the true fount of blood drinkers and lycans (vampires and ). It is a tale interwoven in human history, a tale of love and persistence, hardship and hope, family and allies, and a desperate attempt to cling to the last remnants of humanity in a world of monsters, mortal or immortal.

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