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Journee to Love (Journee Series Book 1) – by Michelle Lee: Music, Healing, Abuse, Inspiration, Counseling, LGBTQ, Self-esteem


It was at the age of thirty-five that Journee Lee Jones discovered her childhood had laid the groundwork for her lack of self-worth and confidence. Mental, emotional, and verbal were a regular occurrence for Journee. Added to that was the trauma caused by being and twice as an adult. In this newfound awakening, Journee begins to process how the traumas in her life have shaped her way of looking at and dealing with her surroundings—the pain, , , , and the inability to be in healthy relationships are a direct result. But there is one positive thing that has always been with Journee—it never left her side from the time she was a little girl. Journee was blessed with the gift of singing.

As a way to help herself heal and begin to build her confidence, Journee makes the decision to focus on her natural-born gift. On this new path, Journee’s life is filled with excitement and adventure that leads to opportunities she never could have imagined for herself.

How will Journee endure? Will her new path be the catalyst she needs to help her learn to finally love herself, build up her self-confidence, and participate in healthy relationships? Or will things take a completely different turn?


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