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Into the Dark (First Force Book 3) Cindy McDonald – Fiction – Romance – Military – Romantic Suspense


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Four years ago Dr. Rayne Lee lost her husband and her four-year old daughter, Sierra, to a group of hostile guerrillas in the Amazonian Valley of Peru. It had taken every bit of her constitution to rebuild her life and to join her uncle’s international security team, First Force, as the team’s head medic. She still desperately missed her husband and her daughter, but all in all everything was back on track–until the phone calls started.
A young girl was calling claiming to be Sierra. The tiny trembling voice said that the guerrillas were holding her captive, and there was only one way for them to be reunited–Rayne must travel to Peru and give them something that she has. Moreover, they had another stipulation: She must come alone.
Suddenly the ghosts from Rayne’s past are chasing her down a dark road.
What could they possibly want from her?
Could she return to the place where her family was
murdered and she was brutalized for seven horrid
Was it really Sierra calling?
Rayne knew that she had to take the risk–she had to find out!


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