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Our book landed a

Joseph Cautilli and Marisha Cautilli

Zombies vs Robots books 1 – 4
“Jason is an awesome copy editor. He edited our Zombies vs. Robots series and we both know that the series would not have achieved half its success without his eye for details and knowledge of grammar and syntax.”

Awesome Job, Jason.

Be back when we publish again.

Joseph Cautilli and Marisha Cautilli

I’m sending Jason my next book

Leslie DuShane

Karma Calls
I’m really glad I found you.

I really appreciate all the great editing Jason did for me. Jeez, he even wrote the cover page and helped me with the title. Im sure that was not in his job description! I love to weave a tale, create a story! But,boy oh boy ,I need an editor. I was always nervous an editor would destroy my vision, make it seem like it isn’t even my story, anymore! ( it did happen with another editor and I had writers block for over a year) With Jason it was the exact opposite! He cleaned it up so well and when I read it, it seemed like mine. Just polished and shiny! Yay! I pray next time I finish a project Jason will be my editor once again. I hope he actually gets to proof read this before I send it to eprintedbooks! Lol Here’s to future projects! Thanks so much!

An English read “Karma Calls” while it was a blog and she told me I need a good editor. So I found Jason and after he edited the eBook the English read “Karma Calls” once again and said: Just read the whole book! LOVED EVERY DROP OF IT! And understood the whole thing, the ideas, the feelings, the wishes coming true but not as expected… Thought “A Council of Zombies” was cool, but particularly like Smokin’ Joe I mean Sucker Punch Joey.

From a very satisfied customer

Gene Thomas, PhD
Gene Thomas, PhD
I have used a few copy editors in my writing over the years and for the most part I have noticed a big difference in the quality of work they do.

Every wants his or her work to be treated with respect and not slashed or rewritten to suit the copy editor’s personal opinion of how the story should unfold.

Jason Sinner is the rare copy editor who is talented enough to leave his writing ego on the sidelines while he puts the finishing touches on an author’s work. I have found Jason to be fast, accurate and very precise with the corrections he has made for me.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what any writer wants from his or her copy editor? If that is what you want, Jason Sinner should be your copy editor.

Sitting on the Branch of an Olive Tree
Coming Soon: Link to “The Nechi”
I will be back with more books.

Gene Thomas, PhD


Source: Jason – Editor with ePrintedBooks – Professional Copy Editing Proofreading Services, American English editing co

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