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Holmes Was A Serial Killer


The Strange Case Of Dr. H.H. Holmes

HH Holmes

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Although he was first believed to have been only a swindler, Herman Mudgett, aka Dr. H.H. Holmes, went down in history as one of the first serial killers in the US. While he admitted to killing 27 people, many believe that the body count could be as high as 200. On March 9, 1896, he was sentenced to death and was hanged on May 7.

After moving to Chicago, Mudgett bought an entire city block, which he renovated and turned into a hotel that became his murder castle at 63rd and Wallace streets. He opened just before 1893 Worlds Fair. This was no ordinary hotel; it was built for murder. There were several rooms without windows (which could be locked from the outside), hallways that led to dead ends, staircases that led to nowhere, doors without rooms, and rooms without doors. On top of all that, the walls had built-in gas jets, there was a wooden disposal chute, and the basement housed a person-sized kiln. A room on the third floor was padded to muffle sound, and it had a gas pipe to asphyxiate the inhabitants. The bodies were transported to the cellar through a hidden shaft. Behind a fake wall in the cellar, police found a butchers table, bones, bloody clothing, and a crematory. They The Strange Case Of Dr. H.H. olfound womens belongings in the oven. The Worlds Fair had brought a lot of people to Mudgets hotel, mostly young women.

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The Strange Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes contains three illustrated primary source books and, most importantly, Mudgetts confessions, which were published shortly before his execution. Holmes Own Story (1895) is the autobiography of Herman W. Mudgett, where he describes his childhood and the hardships he encountered throughout his life. You can also read The Confession of H.H. Holmes (1896), in which he writes his confession

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