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Farm Land: Sentience (The Farm Land Trilogy Book 1) by G. Lawrence – Literature & Fiction – Horror – Dark Fantasy – Science Fiction & Fantasy – Dystopian – Low Fantasy 


Farm Land: Sentience (The Farm Land Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition

It is the future. The world is not as you remember it.
The world has changed. Land is scarce, seas have risen, thousands of species are gone, thrown into obliteration.
But one young woman knows nothing of this. Raised in darkness and in silence, she knows only her small family, the walls of her cell, and that when light comes, it is to be feared. But one day, she finds an open door, leading to a world as strange and wonderful as it is dangerous and brutal.
Farm Land: Sentience is the first of the Farm Land Trilogy by G. Lawrence, a series of fantasy.

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