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Epiphanies and Enlightenment – Supernatural – an ebook by – @JpInzirillo

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Three extraordinary individuals…..all pulled into the world of the supernatural, where they come face to face with mind and eye opening realizations.
Paul Schrader – When a random accident takes Paul Schrader from his life on earth to a strange world that seems like heaven at first, he discovers a more sinister side lurking behind the smile and eyes of the beings he encounters. And soon Paul will learn the horrifying secret of this “in-between” place he entered upon the day of his demise. For indeed, this no ordinary world….and he is no ordinary man. (It Happened One Morning)
Jim Wagner – Jim and a local youth team up together when they stumble across an age old called the “Nachtzehrer”, or Night Waster. Can they bring this ghoul down before it takes its next victim? ( The Night Waster Was Real)
Jonathan Bellamy – In a world being torn apart by conflict, new beings arrive on earth with a sinister plan for the human race. Jonathan Bellamy and many others are banding together in an attempt to fight the “disease” they brought with them. The only way to tell who had been compromised was to look beyond the obvious, to stare into the eyes of the enemy. (You Need To Stare At The Enemy To See The Truth)
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