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ED’S JOURNAL – by DAB10. Literature & Fiction – Genre Fiction – Coming of Age – Metaphysical


ED’S JOURNAL Kindle Edition

Ten years ago, events transpired…
To change Ed from socially inept computer geek
To hero
and so much more …
Follow along as Ed writes out his journal to work out
What he wants to do about his problem now.
Find out about his
Ex-military grandfather who helps raise him
His cute pixie looking cousin (not really cousin)
that moves in to attended collage nearby
His strange insights and empathy that seem to be coming on strong
Rescue of the wealthy young woman
Lawsuit against his school
Problem now that made him want to go through these events
from ten years ago.
Come take a trip along on this hot “NEW ADULT” adventure through
adult situations
some descriptive sex and lesbianism
aftermath of crime

11/30/2018 * * * * * 12/30/2018

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