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Ebony’s Legacy: Keeping The Legacy Alive – by A.D. Whittington. Romantic Suspense – Romance – Mystery & Suspense – Suspense – Literature & Fiction – Historical Fiction – Mystery Thriller & Suspense


In a day and time when it was unpopular for a woman to be strong and a man to be sensitive, Faith Edwards and Vayne Lafitte were both. They met by coincidence. Or was it? A love story for the ages.
In the Deep South, women were to be seen and not heard. Being from a prominent Southern family, Faith knew the pressures of being wed. She also knew that she would never marry unless it was for love. She was not one to be controlled. Dealing with an overbearing cousin, since childhood, proved to be more dangerous than she could ever have imagined.
Vayne Lafitte was a man with secrets and character. A pirate in secret and helping the poor was what his life was about, until he spotted the beautiful red haired beauty by the creek. He did not know how his life would be changed, by a chance meeting in a little bookstore.
Faith thought she was looking for independence however when she met him, she realized that she wanted him to teach her so much more, even if it killed her.

11/22/2018 – 12/22/2018

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