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Home Health Easy Way To lose Weight With Apple And Cabbage Diet

Easy Way To lose Weight With Apple And Cabbage Diet

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Once again we present you two quick diets which give amazing results. With these diets you can lose six kg for six days or ten kg for ten days. Remember that such diets limit your nutritional intake. As we said, the best way to achieve healthy weight is eating healthy and exercising. Its not only about changing your habits; its about changing yourself and your lifestyle.

Diet with apples six kg per six days

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First day: One kg apples

Second day: 1, 5 kg apples

Third day: 2 kg apples

Forth day: 2 kg apples

Fifth day: 1, 5 kg apples

Sixth day: 1 kg apples

You may drink tea without sugar. The green tea is highly recommended. You may eat a few toasted pieces of bread.

Diet with cabbage ten kg for ten days

Breakfast: coffee without sugar

Lunch: cabbage salad with one teaspoon olive oil. Everyday you can eat one boiled egg.

Dinner: 200 gram fish or glass of kefir or yogurt.

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