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DYING SECONDS: A gritty gangland thriller with a twist you won’t see coming (Boxer Boys Book 3) Nick Rippington: Vigilante Justice, Contemporary Urban Fiction, Organized Crime


Arnie Dolan is back – and this time he’s in a wheelchair. Ousted from his gang, it looks like his time at the top of the criminal underworld is over… but if you think that, you don’t know Arnie.
By contrast, life couldn’t be much better for his former best mate Gareth Prince. The sports reporter has landed a promotion on his newspaper, the Sunday Tribune Despatch, scooped a major award and moved in with girlfriend Anjie and son Max. A life free from Arnie is just what the doctor ordered.
That is until tragedy strikes to rock both their worlds. Forming an uneasy truce, they set about finding the person responsible for a brutal murder. But soon they encounter hostility both home and abroad with the Brexit debate raging and hooligans rampaging through Marseille.
And as the mystery deepens they start to question everything they thought they knew…

5/23/2019 * * F * * 5/23/2020

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