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Dutch Coffee Shop – by Jay Scully. Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Literature & Fiction


 Kindle Edition

Welcome to the world of Amsterdam . . . coffee shops and red-light districts . . . and intrigue . . . a heist . . . an American who saw it for what it was . . . an opportunity.
This American, Jimmy Dempsey, long ago is accused of a murder he did not commit. A good-ole-boy from south . . . he decides to fake his death and flee to Holland rather than face prosecution. Years later, Hunt, as he is now known by the locals, finds himself in the employ of gangsters, selling weed out of a Dutch coffee shop. When Hunt finds out that he is a free man, exonerated for the murder of his former girlfriend, he decides to return to America. Before returning home, Hunt attempts one last score, which puts him and his friends in peril. When Hunt disappears without a trace, his family is alerted, and the roller coaster ride begins.
William Dempsey, eighteen, embarks on a trip to the Netherlands in search of his long-lost brother. He finds himself in the underground world of prostitutes, mob bosses, and weed-tenders. From Amsterdam his journey takes him to South Holland, in a small city called Terneuzen. Really, it’s more like the Wild-West of Cannabis. A wholesaler’s paradise. The Sam’s Club for Amsterdam. A world that he knows nothing about . . . where hippies and junkies run rampant and gangsters patrol the town. William encounters them all. Quickly he finds himself on the trail of his elusive older brother, where a path of lies and deceit lead him along his way.
Constantijn van der Pol, the most powerful mob boss in South Holland, is also looking for the man known as Hunt. A Sicilian by blood . . . Van der Pol and his brood will stop at nothing to find the American who betrayed them all. . . .
A deep, dark novel about redemption . . . striking a chord within the soul.
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