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No copyright infringement is intended here. We get the majority of our content from http://app.autoviral.io/ and if any content is infringing on anyone then please let us know and we will remove it. Sorry if this happens and thank you for letting us know.

Disclaimer: Hi everyone, I am a lone care giver for my disabled wife. I work 24/7 caring for her and trying to manage my online business and I seldom ever make enough money to make ends meet. So believe me when I say I don’t always have time to remove post I don’t approve of and I don’t always have time to check to see if they are legit. So please understand when I say you read and use things on this site at your own risk. If you do not agree with these terms then please move on and don’t use our site.

Also the info and all materials on this site are provided for general information only. The info on this site does not constitute professional advice. This information is not medical advice. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness of all the info available on this site or any site it is linked to or any site on the internet that you choose to get information from.

Keep in mind that some foods can have bad effects with some medication. Example: while my wife was on a drug she ate pineapple and had a very bad reaction from it. So if you are going to try a new food and you are on medication from your doctor then be responsible and ask your doctor if it is safe with the drugs you are taking.


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