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Come give a listen to free audio poetry by Steve Caresser. His first attempt. 


Some of the more than 100 grand reviews are here.

Oh my gosh, you are adorable. I hope that your companion appreciates you! That’s a lovely tribute to her. Laura

Keep writing beautiful poetry, Steve. Maureen

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Thanks for sharing! The sentiment is lovely, just like your lady’s picture! Cheers! Lada Ray

What sweet sentiments! LindaZukowski

What a lovely poem, beautifully written 🙂 Grate job Steve. Keep writing poems 🙂 Magda M. Olchawska

Very wise words Steve! Charity

Beautiful, your poetry is sublime, I hope you girl appreciates you 🙂 Dawn Torrens

Lovely! Did you write it? That’s a sweet tribute to your girl companion. Barbara Phinney

I really enjoyed you’re poem. It’s double the pleasure being dedicated to the woman in you’re life! Very nice:) Irene

That’s a lovely poem, Steve. May your romantic sentiments continue for many years to come! Junying

I agree with, Laura. A very lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing, Steve, and keep writing! Elise

Beautiful. I am honored that you shared that with me. I am forever grateful;) nicola mitchell

This is both very emotional and very masculine. It’s very heartfelt and powerful, with beautiful imagery. Well done. J.A. Cummings

Steve, your wife is a blessed woman to have such a gifted man in her life who recognizes her beauty within as well as her natural beauty. BEAUTIFUL writing from such a talented writer. May 2012 bring you and yours a deeper, more richer love. God Bless you both. Renee Emery

That was wonderful, passionate and loving. Your way with words is truly something that helps move a person’s soul. Thank you for sharing! Rebecca Nolan

What Beautiful Terms of Endearment to your Beautiful Companion. I felt whisked away to a warm grassy knoll on a Summer’s Eve. Thanks for sharing! Crystal Michaels

I loved your ‘best friend’ poem so much, but I think this is my new favorite. If my husband made such a tribute to me, I’d be crying, laughing and smothering him with kisses too. Just beautiful :D. Well done! Collette Scott

That was a wonderful poem. :o) Great work. Mandi

Very lovely and passionate! Sounds Classic… Tammy Lang

Wow Steve, sonrisa….I am in awe of your love for your wife and the talent you displayed, sonrisa….Mucho muy bien mi amigo….. De Ann/Native

I thoroughly enjoyed it!Words every woman would love to hear!Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem:) x Ananda

HI Steve! It took me and my lacking computer skills awhile to get here, but it was worth it. Loved your poem 🙂 Thank you for sharing something so beautiful! Happy New Year! christine warner

A true romantic! Thank you for sharing this with us! Great work, obviously deeply felt! Cheers to you both for the New Year! – 🙂 Keera McKinney

Could you be any more romantic and sweet? Lovely poem. No wonder your gal is hanging on you in your twit pic:-) Thanks for sharing with me, Steve. It reminded me how important it is to slow down and enjoy those around us. xo, Melissa

Hey Steve Your Girl Companion reminds me of how love use to be expressed. Thanks for sharing your passion for your beautiful girl! Lisa

Hi Steve, knock ’em dead! Lynn Hubbard

This was so romantic and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this poem. Your girl companion is one lucky lady! Sue Lyndon

Very nice soothing voice! Lovely poem. Best wishes to you & your gal in 2012! Jan Romes

I greatly appreciate giving me the link to this magnificent website. I adore poems, stories, auto tracks, and many more. Melissa Scholes

Thanks for making me smile, Steve. You really are a true romantic. There’s such tenderness in your tone, and I liked the reference of watching the mare lead the herd. I think many men would benefit from some ‘romance’ tuition from you. M.J. (Jane) Fahy

Come give a listen click here!https://www.eprintedbooks.com/SteveCaresser/poems1.html

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