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Chinese Man Praised a Hero After Helping Starving Family to ‘Break Fast’


There are many heroes in this world, many are not named and that’s okay. These are the people that sees a need, does a good deed, and walks on. And it is this quality that gives us faith in humanity.

In the song, Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes, there’s a line that particularly stands out, “thank you stranger, for your therapeutic smile”.

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A Facebook post from user, Kuan Chee Heng has gone viral, spreading over 25,000 shares, naming him a hero. The post tells of how a Malay family with 8 children have not broke fast, even at 8.30pm. Kuan, disregarding the difference in religion, then invited the poor darlings over to ‘buka puasa‘.

He writes:

“8 children living with their father and mother. Living in darkness as the electricity and water supply have been cut off. It’s already 8.30pm and they still have not broken fast because there’s nothing that can be eaten. I invited them all over to eat. We need to help them for they are in desperate need.”

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This simple act of kindness has touched many Malaysians, who have taken to praise Kuan for his actions and generosity. In the recent years where racial tension seems to be stirred, these acts that emerge reminds us that harmony still exists and brings us closer together.

Amongst the 3,500 comments made on the post, we would like to share a few with you.


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<Translated from Malay>

“Salute to you, sir …; This is not a question of Chinese, Malay, or Indian .. This is about you, you who still have humanity but with a different skin color, race, and religion. This should be the example for our coming generation…; Thank you sir..”

“100% agreed …; Not everything have to be seen through the eyes of religion, nationality, or race. The honorable are truly honorable, whilst the the despicable are truly despicable .. regardless of who. Only those who have a specific agenda or a narrow mindset will alway try to break us.”

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It truly brings a smile to your face when you hear news of a fellow Malaysian helping another. With the division that our country suffers, this is a fine example that even in times of disagreement, there can be compassion, respect, and love.

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