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Billy Austin (A Gathering of Lovers Book 1) by Dan Glover – Science Fiction & Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban – Parenting & Relationships


Will Billy Austin prevail over the demons raging through his mind?
An erotic psychological thriller set in northern California where he works at a tavern on the sea side and lives in an eerie Victorian mansion, Billy Austin follows the last two years in the life of a man judged clinically insane as he attempts to stem the roar of voices in his head demanding he follow them.
While working at the tavern Billy meets a soothsayer Gypsy named Yelena who in turn entices the woman who will become his wife to introduce herself to Billy. Little does Billy know that Yelena carefully orchestrates the elements in his life to culminate in the rescue of a girl who he has come to know and love.
Will Billy resist the incessant pull of insanity and put an end to his own life before Yelena’s plan can come to fruition? Or will the support he receives from his friends and his lovers lend him the strength to do the impossible… to wrestle the demons inside him and win?
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