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Big Jim by David Lucero. Literature & Fiction – Action & Adventure – Romance


Big Jim Kindle Edition

with Big Jim on his greatest adventure!
Big Jim is a story of friendships and rivalries, of stunning scenery with unsurpassed beauty and the brutal reality of death that lurks…even stalks…those who don’t give the land and their full respect. This book dazzles the senses of readers with the soundtrack of safari camp activity and proves Africa is a land where the hunter can quickly become the hunted, where heroes tower over landscape and civilized society tries its hand at the untamed bush.
In this gripping novel, Big Jim battles a vicious Cape buffalo on a mystical mission to wipe out the white hunters who are decimating Africa’s wildlife. Natives doubting the magic of the witch doctor who summoned the beast fall prey to this monstrous creature as it lashes out across the territory, destroying entire villages and killing everyone in its path.
The reader is taken on a journey deep in the bush for the final encounter under the watchful eye of the witch doctor responsible for summoning the evil creature. The story is replete with undercurrents of social change, wildlife management, and hunting politics and is more than a singular action novel. The ‘you-are-there’ action captures attention, but it’s the interplay between hunter Big Jim, his partner Caesar Wilde, and reporter Mary Watkins, and the wider questions of African issues that capture attention and pose unexpected insights into Africa’s special world. This is a delightfully involving African saga for readers which explores so much more than the thrill of the hunt alone.
Get ready to be on the edge-of-your-seat as Big Jim faces off with the beast in the long grass!

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