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Between Two Harbors: Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster Book: by Doug Oudin: Sea fearing-Memoirs-Amazon Best Sellers


Between Two Harbors: Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster Kindle Edition

Catalina Island the name conjures images of a pristine tropical island. Located twenty-six miles off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is known as the island of romance for good reason. A popular destination for boaters, fishermen, and tourists, its a recreational mecca at sea place where people come to escape from the reality of urban life. Boasting 86,000 square miles of unspoiled and undeveloped natural beauty, Catalina is an island paradise with wild animals, surrounded by an ocean teeming with fish.
For thirty-two years, Charles Douglas Doug Oudin lived a fantasy life on this secluded oasis. As the former harbormaster, he saw it all harrowing storms, dramatic ocean rescues, traumatic accidents, and the tragic death of actress Natalie Wood. Encounters with sharks, buffalo, wild boar, and even a sea serpent are just a few of the strange and unique experiences he had while living on the island. Now, in this memoir, he shares his story.

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