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Behind the scenes look while investigating “The Illusion Man” by The Whole World News


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© 2015 by “The Whole World News™” Behind the scenes look while investigating “The Illusion Man”
80 guitar players stopped in at different times to play their guitar on this sight; “The Illusion Man” came out of nowhere and scared each one of them off one by one. So because “The Illusion Man” only appears when someone plays a guitar, we took our guitar and flew across the ocean to investigate.

After the failed interview:
Jason asked, “what did you see?”
Steve writes on a piece of paper, ‘my tongue won’t work!’
Jason asked again, “okay, but what did you see?”
Steve’s hand shakes as he writes illegible scribbles.
From management: “sorry, but you will have to wait for that info.”
Hope everyone knows this is a joke and LOL.


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