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Another Chance to Die is set in Detroit’s Prohibition-fueled by Claudia Oltean.

Source: Book – Another Chance To Die

About The Book

ANOTHER CHANCE TO DIE is set in Detroit’s Prohibition-fueled Roaring Twenties. You are transported to a time of sweeping change, flappers, hot jazz, fast boats, violent gangsters and corrupt officials through the workings of a a crackerjack Detroit News crime reporter who courts danger working both the cops and the ferocious Purple Gang to get what he wants most—his byline on the front page. The gangs are at war with each other and so are the newspapers, spilling ink instead of blood. The reporter’s career soars, but how long will he be able to keep his balance on the tightrope he walks between the cops and crooks? And, what payment will come due for his association with the deadly Purple Gang?

ANOTHER CHANCE TO DIE was inspired by the true story of the author’s grandfathers’ extraordinary exploits as investigative crime reporter for The Detroit News who carried a badge and gun as a sheriff’s deputy. Events in the book take readers to a time when that city and southeast Michigan were the epicenter for Prohibition activity, as 75% of America’s booze was smuggled in from neighboring Canada

Source: Book – Another Chance To Die

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