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Broken (Warwick Cooper Thrillers Book 1) by Donna Siggers – Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Thrillers – Conspiracies – Crime – Kidnapping – Spies & Politics


Broken (Warwick Cooper
Book 1)

Broken is the first in a series of thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper. We join this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up and they have reason to work together once again. Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and old colleague, they have every reason to suspect she’s at the mercy of a prisoner who has just escaped – Carl Ashbeck.
has Kate on his agenda and very much in his sights.
Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police hold them back? And, will Sam’s past cast a shadow on the investigation?

More about the author

Donna Siggers


Born in rural Essex, UK I grew up in the very competitive world of equine eventing. Sport, in general, grabbed my attention: I’ve climbed mountains, sailed at sea, run marathons and canoed rapids. What can I say? I like to challenge myself, and I certainly sought adrenaline fueled thrills. However, times change. Assaulted in 2014 I’ve faced challenges that have tested the core of my strength. Writing has enabled me to redefine who I am; providing focus, drive and ambition. Through it I’ve been able to step beyond my comfort zone once more and embark on a new journey of discovery — it has opened so many opportunities for me.
BROKEN was nominated and went on to win in the Author Academy awards in Ohio in October: I traveled to Columbus to speak to judges. An honour to have my debut novel recognised on a global stage but more important to me were the friends I made during this trip. BETRAYAL, the sequel is due for release very soon.
Poetry has always interested me, and I’m working on my first anthology — written from the heart it portrays my journey of recovery from injury. It will also feature extracts from my personal journal and will be aimed at supporting others living through trauma and those supporting someone with trauma.

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