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A Line of Provenance – Kindle edition by Juliet Cromwell. Literature & Fiction – Literature & Fiction – Contemporary Fiction – British – Mystery & Detective

Crushed by the betrayal of her husband and best friend, DCI Logan is forced to put her private life on hold while she investigates the remains of an unknown murder victim buried 25 years earlier. With her new DC, Tristan Fry, who has joined the police force for all the wrong reasons, her enquiries soon lead to Maggi Drew’s door.
Maggi readily admits to burying the body along with her same-sex partner, Norah, and their gay best friend, Jonny, although she will not reveal the body’s identity until Logan has heard her account of the murder.
As the story unravels so do the lives of Logan and Fry as they lose the battle to remain professional, causing their personal emotions to colour their judgements.
This eagerly awaited second novel by award winning author Juliet Cromwell explores what hate can make us do when forced to face true evil.
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