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A Fine Balance by Robyn Cain: Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Thrillers & Suspense – Crime – Kidnapping – Political


A Fine Balance Kindle Edition

When it comes to beating your business rivals, what better than deception?
Punches still count in these days of technological advancement. When Matt Hardwicke, owner of Winnibrook, employs his rival’s most ingenious researcher, he finds out that there are consequences. After a near fatal accident Matt leaves England, returning only when forced to. When he lodges at Jenny Bishop’s to keep under his enemy’s radar, he discovers that not only his employees, but also his family are in danger. With time running out, Matt has little choice but to become the main target.
Jenny lives with her grandparents; a quirky pair guarding an age-old secret. Little does she know that her world is about to be shattered. Forced to house her employer, the status of his temporary stay changes and Jenny’s nightmare begins.
Life seems determined to light the fuse between these two recluses. And it’s not long before the worms start crawling out of the woodwork.

11/30/2018 * * * * * 12/30/2018

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