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15 Celebrities Before And After Drugs


Drugs are bad, okay? In case you didnt already learn that lesson, there are plenty examples around us. Unfortunately we all know someone or we at least heard about someone whose life was ruined because of drugs. Did it pay off? We dont think so. But there is one category that proves this theory so well, and that category is filled with all kinds of celebs who just couldnt help themselves when it came to drugs. Some of them are clean, some of them are high as we speak, but generally, they all transformed during the years. Check out 15 celebs who looked totally different after they discovered drugs.

Source: https://pixgood.com

Source: https://pixgood.com

1. Back in 2011, we all got struck by the tragic news of Amy Winehouses death. We knew she was not doing well for some time, but it seemed like there is not too much anyone could do to help her. Shes been to rehabs a few times before (and she said no, no, no), but she had too much trouble with alcohol and heroin. You can see how much she changed from the time when she didnt use drugs. We will always miss you, Amy.

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