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14 Awesome Reasons Why Baba Will Always Be Our First Hero


Whether you call them Dad, Papa, Baba or Abu, they are and always will be the first hero we look up to and want to be like. The one that helps to set us on the path of life, who takes the utmost pride in what we accomplish and will also give that needed shoulder to lean on when we fail.

They are the one’s that help us explore the unknown world, give us the courage to face the challenges that arise and teach us how to face them in the best way possible.

Father’s are a unique lot. They can’t be replaced, can’t be duplicated. They are the ones that push us to make ourselves do better; they want the best for us. They want us to achieve more than they did and are ready to help make sure we do.

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It is so true when they say a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. They are one of two greatest gifts that Allah has given children. Cherish them, respect them and love them, you only get one of them in a lifetime.

1. They taught us to be strong and resilient

strong and resilient
Im with geek

2. They taught us to respect and love women

treating a woman like a princess

3. Dads taught us how to be a gentleman

being gentlemen

4. They taught us how to get up after falling and not giving up

never give up

5. They taught us the value of hard work

hard work

6. They always looked out for us – had our back whether we wanted them to or not

They always looked out for us - had our back whether we wanted them to or not

7. They taught us that the sky has no limit, and we should aim for it

aim for the sky
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8. They showed us the wonders of the world from the safest place – their shoulders.

green lake in seattle

9. They taught us how to steer through life’s many adventures


10. They gave us the confidence and the belief that we can be anything we want to – even superheroes

Pakistan Today

11. They listen to our endless stories

endless stories for dad
Jillamy rosen blatt

12. They set high standards for what we want in our husbands

high standards
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13. They are our best friends throughout life.

friends for life

14. They gave us a home in which we grew up in, feeling safe with unconditional love.

loving home
stylish pie

15. They are a blessing from Allah; that should be respected and loved.

fathers are a blessing

For all the Fathers and soon to be Fathers of the world – Thank you for being there always and loving us unconditionally

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