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10 Of The Best Mystery Thriller & Suspense Novels Collected By The Whole World News

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Number  One:

The Actor by Douglas Gardham. Literature & Fiction – Mystery Thrillers & Suspense – Financial – Gripping Tale – Unforgettable Journey Of Self-Discovery 

The Actor Kindle Edition

It is 1991 when Ethan Jones finally wins the role of his dreams in an upcoming, big screen movie. With the envelope holding the script clutched in his hand, he arrives at his California apartment where he can hardly wait to tell his girlfriend the exciting news. But when he finds the door unexpectedly ajar, he has no idea that in just a few seconds, the life he has fought so hard to obtain will be shattered.
Eight years earlier, Ethan is attending university in Ottawa, Canada. One evening after seriously contemplating suicide, he finds his way into a club where he meets Mila Monahan, a beautiful acting student who saves him from himself. After he watches Mila rehearse a university play, Ethan catches the acting bug and decides to pursue his own creative passions, causing a collision with his more secure ideals. But when Mila suddenly disappears, Ethan vows he will never stop chasing the dream she inspired in him, believing in a world entirely different from the one he is living in.
The Actor is a gripping tale of a young mans unforgettable journey of self-discovery in overcoming the trauma of a personal tragedy. It is a story of love, hardship, persistence and overwhelming joy where The Actor learns he can portray anything he can imagine.

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Two

Broken (Warwick Cooper Thrillers 1) by Donna Siggers – Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Thrillers – Conspiracies – Crime – Kidnapping – Spies & Politics

Broken (Warwick Cooper
Thrillers 1)

Broken is the first in a series of thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper. We join this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up and they have reason to work together once again. Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and old colleague, they have every reason to suspect she’s at the mercy of a prisoner who has just escaped – Carl Ashbeck.
has Kate on his agenda and very much in his sights.
Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police hold them back? And, will Sam’s past cast a shadow on the investigation?

More about the author

Donna Siggers


Born in rural Essex, UK I grew up in the very competitive world of equine eventing. Sport, in general, grabbed my attention: I’ve climbed mountains, sailed at sea, run marathons and canoed rapids. What can I say? I like to challenge myself, and I certainly sought adrenaline fueled thrills. However, times change. Assaulted in 2014 I’ve faced challenges that have tested the core of my strength. Writing has enabled me to redefine who I am; providing focus, drive and ambition. Through it I’ve been able to step beyond my comfort zone once more and embark on a new journey of discovery — it has opened so many opportunities for me.
BROKEN was nominated and went on to win in the Author Academy awards in Ohio in October: I traveled to Columbus to speak to judges. An honour to have my debut recognised on a global stage but more important to me were the friends I made during this trip. BETRAYAL, the sequel is due for release very soon.
Poetry has always interested me, and I’m working on my first anthology — written from the heart it portrays my journey of recovery from injury. It will also feature extracts from my personal journal and will be aimed at supporting others living through trauma and those supporting someone with trauma.

1/5/2019 * * F * * 1/5/2020

Number Three

A Fine Balance by Robyn Cain: Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Thrillers & Suspense – Crime – Kidnapping – Political

A Fine Balance Kindle Edition

When it comes to beating your business rivals, what better than deception?
Punches still count in these days of technological advancement. When Matt Hardwicke, owner of Winnibrook, employs his rival’s most ingenious researcher, he finds out that there are consequences. After a near fatal accident Matt leaves England, returning only when forced to. When he lodges at Jenny Bishop’s to keep under his enemy’s radar, he discovers that not only his employees, but also his family are in danger. With time running out, Matt has little choice but to become the main target.
Jenny lives with her grandparents; a quirky pair guarding an age-old secret. Little does she know that her world is about to be shattered. Forced to house her employer, the status of his temporary stay changes and Jenny’s nightmare begins.
Life seems determined to light the fuse between these two recluses. And it’s not long before the worms start crawling out of the woodwork.

11/30/2018 * * * * * 12/30/2018

Number Four

Mambo and Murder (A Fiona Quinn Mystery 6) – by c.s. McDonald. Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Women’s Fiction – Women Sleuths – Cozy – Animals

Three ballroom dancers had been murdered over forty-years ago. Wow, that’s one old cold case. What’s more, the murderer thought to have been killed during a police chase has resurfaced in Pittsburgh. Yikes! How can that be?Worse, ballroom dancing simply isn’t Detective Nathan Landry’s forte. After weeks of practice, Nathan still has two left-feet. Can Fiona step in to guide Nathan through this dancing debacle or will it take forty-years for the detective to find his footing? Double yikes!Join Fiona and Detective Landry in this high-stepping whodunit!

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Five

Flint of Dreams – Kindle edition by Charles Peterson Sheppard. Literature & Fiction – Action & Adventure – Mystery Thriller & Suspense

When a young woman is assaulted and two young men murdered on the shores of Hemlock Lake in upstate New York, everybody knew that Asa ‘Flint’ Spencer did it. He was an angry young Seneca Indian of the Blue Heron Clan with a troubled past. But they were all wrong. And the government researchers seeking remote viewers in the war on terrorism had their eyes on Flint as well. For Flint was born with special powers he did not fully understand. The secrets lay in the hearts and minds of an old Iroquois woman, a sadistic psychic assassin, and the NSA agents seeking to utilize Flint’s unique abilities at all cost. For Flint, the missing pieces of the puzzle swirled in his primordial dreams.

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Six

Goddess Of The Wild Thing – by Paul DeBlassie III. Mystery Thriller & Suspense – Suspense – Paranormal – Metaphysical & Visionary – Metaphysical

Winner of the Press Award and the NYC Big Award, Goddess of the Wild Thing is a dramatic tale of one woman’s spiritual journey where magical happenings, unexpected turns of fate, and unseen forces impact her ability to love and be loved. Eve Sanchez, a scholar of esoteric studies, is driven into unreal dimensions of horror and hope as she encounters a seductive and frightening man, criminal lawyer Sam Shear.
Sam introduces Eve to a supernatural world in which the wicked powers of a surrogate mother’s twisted affection threaten love and life. Struggling to sort through right from wrong, frightened yet determined, Eve nears despair.
In the mystic realm of Aztlan del Sur, a mythopoeic land of hidden horrors and guiding spirits, Eve, with three friends and a wise-old woman, is caught in an age-old struggle about love—whether bad love is better than no love— and discovers that love is a wild thing.

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Seven

No One Will Hear (Sam Williams 2) – by Joel Hames. Mystery Thriller & Suspense

Renowned human rights lawyer Elizabeth Maurier lies dead, her body mutilated, her killer unknown. For DI Olivia Martins and her team, it’s a mystery. For the victim’s daughter Lizzy, a poet and academic with a shaky grasp on reality, it’s a tragedy. But for Sam Williams, the man Elizabeth fired a decade ago and hasn’t spoken to since, it’s a whole new world of pain.
Elizabeth’s death has stirred a sleeping past back to life. Former clients are darkening Sam’s door, old enemies returning, ancient cases reopening. It doesn’t help that DI Martins is on his case, the press are dogging his every step, and his girlfriend’s behaviour is increasingly erratic.
But Elizabeth’s murder is just the start. As Sam reluctantly digs his way back into the past, more truths will crumble into lies.
More certainties will shade to doubt.
And more innocent people will die.
Praise for JOEL HAMES
“In Dead North, Hames’ lawyer turned accidental sleuth, Sam Williams, finds himself far from home and neck deep in Manchester’s seamy gangster scene. But what stands out in this intelligent, intricately woven crime procedural – with a plot to make your brain hurt – is the undercurrent of slick and highly enjoyable humour reminiscent of Raymond Chandler, updated for the twenty-first century. Loved it.”
S.E. Lynes, author of Mother, Valentina and The Pact
“I really enjoyed it. The characters spring of the page with such natural ease. I was gripped by the story – I love a that takes turns where you least expect. It’s going to leave me with a thriller hangover for some time.”
John Marrs, author of The One, The Good Samaritan and When You Disappeared
“Hames is such a talent that he has created a white-knuckle, breathlessly-paced read that also has heart. Beautifully written and thrilling, Dead North deserves to go to the top of any chart.”
Louise Beech, author of Maria in the Moon, How To Be Brave and The Mountain in my Shoe
“A pacy thriller, rich in voice and with gratifying degree of complexity. Hames knows how to deliver.”
John Bowen, author of Where the Dead Walk, Vessel and Death Stalks Kettle Street

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Eight

The Devil’s Country [Kindle in Motion] (Arlo Baines Book 1) – by Harry Hunsicker. Mystery Thriller & Suspense

Former Texas Ranger Arlo Baines didn’t come to the tiny West Texas town of Piedra Springs to cause trouble. After his wife and children were murdered, Arlo just wants to be left alone. Moving from place to place seems to be the only thing that eases the pain of his family’s violent end.
But a chance encounter outside a bar forces him to rescue a terrified woman and her children from mysterious attackers. When the woman turns up murdered the next day—her children missing—Arlo becomes the primary suspect in exactly the same type of crime he is trying desperately to forget.
Haunted by the fate of his family, and with the police questioning the existence of the dead woman’s children, Arlo decides it’s his duty to find them. The question is, just how deep will he have to sink into the dusty secrets of Piedra Springs to save them and clear his name?

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Nine

A Obsession (The Novel Series Book 1) – by Jeff Joseph, Mystery Thriller & Suspense

What could be more peaceful than a small town nestled in the plush and picturesque Appalachian foothills along the Ohio River? Seemingly nothing unless you actually live in such a place and experience the incestuous nature of the meddling, gossip, and desire that can fester there.
Abby Lane has cornered the market on virtue in her small town, yet there are forces that want to take that innocence away from her. Unfortunately, the depths of deception, often undetected by the pure of heart can be harmful to the unsuspecting soul.
As an English teacher, dreamer and hopeless idealist Abby immerses herself in romantic fiction to fill the void in her reality. There is one author in particular who speaks directly to her heart and she foolishly makes him the model lover by whom all suitors are to be judged. When others try to bridge that gap, idyllic small town America becomes a mysterious place to be.

1/17/2019 * * F * * 1/17/2020

Number Ten

A Mistress, A Wife – by Arline Miller. Romance – Mystery & Suspense – Romantic Suspense

A Mistress, A Wife

What more can Dave desire after reaching the top of the world? Is there more than success, family, and wealth? Enter in sultry Rachelle and nothing else compares. Maybe the wife will want to have a word or two in A Mistress and A Wife.
Feeling she had finally found an escape from her past, a young struggling woman is pulled into a web of love only to find a new form of imprisonment. Dare she tread when her heart tells her to run like the wind?
The many twists and turns surround a beautiful seductress who has to learn that love in a gilded cage has rusted hinges when she becomes forced into seclusion by a wife who is determined to stop the lovers. Rachelle sees firsthand how the heart can be shattered into many pieces.
Rachelle is forever linked to Dave and in a passionate interlude; she is oblivious of any danger to her life. She is expected to blindly trust him, but can she? Dave will do everything in his power to save her life. He makes deals with his nemesis, but while saving her, can he save himself?
Nightmares are engulfed with intense passion where taboos become a normal sequence of events. Swirls of moral compasses become obsolete to Rachelle and Dave. Soon, the past catches up with both of them. The mirror of love cracks from revenge of the broken glass hearts of others.
Arline Miller, the author has created for the reader a voyeuristic through the listener Destaina, a young lady who becomes personally intrigued by Rachelle’s story. Who is Destaina and why must Rachelle feel compelled to warn her of the dangers lurking?

12/21/2018 * * F * * 12/21/2019

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