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10 Monsters That Would Terrify Anyone


10 Monsters That Would Terrify Anyone

Monsters and mysterious beings in the night have long terrified children after their grandparents told them an ancient tale that ended with a child being kidnapped in the middle of the night. Today, those stories of monsters have gone on to become myth, movies, and even video games. People are still terrified of them, and some people cannot sleep in the dark because of it. Here are ten monsters that have longed instilled fear in everyday people.


The cockatrice is said to cause death by simply looking at its victim. The myth claims that any person who catches the sight of the giant bird-like lizard can turn to stone. Their saliva is said to be just as deadly, and can kill a grown elephant with a single drop.

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The manticore is a legendary being that has the body of a lion, a human head with multiple rows of sharpened teeth, and a trumpet for a voice. Some claim the beast is horned, others say it is winged, and still some say it has both. The tail is capable of shooting poisonous spines that can kill instantly or paralyze.

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