Paul Sinkinson Publishes a second Action Adventure Thriller for His Fan Club

Summary: Paul Sinkinson has now published two action packed adventure thriller books, namely The Frenchman’s Daughters and The President’s Legionnaire. These books are already heading to top the charts.

May 2nd 2016: After much anticipation and long wait from his fan club, Paul Sinkinson is back in business with another outstanding thriller novel.  Paul Sinkinson has now written 2 action packed emotional and ruthless thrillers set in France.

The Frenchman’s Daughters. The storyline of the first of these two fiction novels is interwoven around many factual events immediately following the Dunkirk evacuation in Northern France and follows three young French girls and a group of allied soldiers through their training and the implementation of clandestine operations in France through to D-Day. The writer truly feels for their story having been brought up listening to the real life events of those who went through similar experiences.

The President’s Legionnaire. Published March 2016.  This latest novel is set in France during 1964 and follows a different storyline.  A young soldier whose father has been killed in a failed attempt to assassinate the French Political Leader becomes involved in retribution against the perpetrators. President De Gaulle’s outspoken views on the CIA in Europe and the involvement of the USA in South East Asia have made it more likely that he is in imminent danger from the members of an International Syndicate of Warmongers, Drug and Arms Dealers who are manipulating worldwide events for their mutual gain. The soldier, a Legionnaire, spearheads a small group of trusted associates against the Syndicate leaders in southern France whilst being pursued by agents of the CIA Black Operations. The story concludes with surprising revelations following the outcome of serious action in the French Pyrenees

These books are now available from Amazon, the online shopping giant, for the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia as well as all other Amazon sites around the World. Thanks to the wonderful fan base, author Paul Sinkinson is confident about his books, and their outcomes.

In a recent press conference, Paul Sinkinson was heard quoting, “I know how important it is for the people to understand more of what was required of the brave people who operated under cover in occupied France during WW2 and although perhaps controversial, those involved in fighting against the Black operations and attempts by International Syndicates of War Mongers, Financiers, Industrialists, Drug and Arms Dealers who were trying to manipulate events in their favour through Political assassinations during the periods leading up to and surrounding the Cold War. Even though we have many historical records, giving burning examples of such situations, many of these books didn’t catch up well with those born at those times or since. So, I decided to connect with these generations through these two strong thriller novels. I am satisfied with the present result, and quite confident, that both my books will score high.”

These two books have already attracted many 5 stars reviews from the readers. As per the latest conference, Paul Sinkinson was heard saying that he got his inspiration from living in France amongst the WW2 and Cold War veterans and listening to all their exploits. These two books have different storylines, making for more interesting reads and have already been described as eye-openers to the adults and youngsters alike, giving readers a clearer idea of those periods. As good and active reads, these two books are now heading towards becoming bestselling titles. The books are not just available in paper print, but in Kindle edition, for those, who want to read on a go.

To know more about the author and his books, please visit this link, Readers will receive detailed information about the storyline from here.

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