“The LoveLock”: Another Romance and Suspense Masterpiece by Eichin Chang-Lim Launched


 Author: Dr. Eichin Chang-Lim

Book: The LoveLock

Address: Orange County, CA


[La Habra, California], [May 15, 2018] – Eichin Chang-Lim has yet launched another masterpiece readers will look forward to reading, “The LoveLock.”  The book is masterfully written in a romantic and suspenseful plot where everyone will surely never want to miss a part. The fourth book under her name, Eichin keeps her readers and book lovers wishing for more of her unique style of writing that seems to grip the heart of her readers with anticipation and excitement of what’s next to come.

The action-packed adventure thriller, “The LoveLock,” is another example of how the award-winning author captures her readers’ attention. A gripping love story between lovers from the past brought together by destiny through their troubled lives as children. Dylan and Violet are no stranger to painful truths and heartaches at an early age. But what happens when even on the next level of their life as adults, tragedy will keep on haunting them and tear each other’s lives all over again like the tempest storms sweeping through helpless souls?

Devastated, two hearts separate with only a locket to connect them no matter where the road leads them- “The LoveLock.”  Will love stand the test of time? Or like an old memory, love will be shoved at the back of each one’s mind to start a new life despite the struggles? Violet aspires to be an actress but like an unfortunate creature had to grapple with mental illness, leading her to the spotlight not of Hollywood but that of strip clubs to make ends meet. Dylan, longing for what once was, is just as struggling as Violet and haunted by the distant past and memories of trauma and the unknown future. Together apart, the two poor souls swim through dark paths, trapped in a world of drugs, surrounded by onerous and manipulative characters.

Readers will not be able to hold back tears and emotions to flow as the story progress. The emotional and ruthless thrillers such as “The LoveLock” is a proof why Eichin is well-loved, and fans keep tracks of her works and endeavors. A page-turner, readers, will soon find out what life has in store for Dylan and Violet who cannot let go of the memories of that one blissful day by the beach, what could have, the what if’s, and might have been. There is one ultimate question that needs an answer in “The LoveLock”– will healing the past and finding happiness could mean them being together? Or Alone?

This romance and suspense “The LoveLock” novel by Eichen, gave her a recognition every author dreams of achieving, and readers will have to read the book to find out why. While ePrintedBooks has launched thousands of writers and their books into global distribution,  only a few are chosen for induction into the much-coveted “The Hall of Fabulous Authors.”

About the Author:

Dr. Eichin chang-Lim is an actress, a writer, an optometrist, a wife, and mother of two children. Born in Taiwan, she now lives in Orange County with her husband and two children. Eichin and her husband hold private practice as optometrists near Los Angeles. She used to model in Taiwan during her college days and appeared in several short films. Her first three books which gave her equal recognition for being one of the best inspirational romance writers include “Flipping,” “A Mother’s Heart,” and “Love, A Tangled Knot.”

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