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Mr. Daniel Bryan Jones is a . He suffered from a massive stroke in 2006 which changed his life completely and he took on an agenda to save as many patients as he can from stroke dilemmas by writing several books in which he gave a detailed description about the symptoms of stroke and its prevention. While his stroke did leave him handicapped; Danny Jones is an outstanding author, speaker, writer, and stroke ambassador for the , an advocate for stroke rights.

Daniel covers the following information and much more in his new books.

A stroke is a state when brain cells abruptly die due to lack of oxygen.  This is very dangerous as it can lead to patients death or serious stage like he might not be able to speak, memory loss could occur or even he can be paralyzed. If it is suspected you should immediately call for emergency. According to a study around 80% strokes can be prevented which is a huge number. This is a condition which can strike anyone at anytime.

He explained that there are mainly two types of stroke-

  • Ischemic stroke

  • Hemorrhagic stroke

Ischemic stroke- It is occurs due to blood clot which blocks the part of brain due to blood flow hindrance. Suppose if a blood clot is there in the body and it gets break and becomes floating it gets stuck in the brain and can hinder the blood flow in brain part which can lead to stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke- When the blood vessel in the brain ruptures and fills the brain space with blood.   Or the defective artery burst and fills the brain with blood, brain stops functioning which leads to stroke.

There are some strokes preventions which if detected the patient can be saved from this state-

Stop smoking

Knowing blood pressure

Control alcohol use

Know cholesterol levels

Control diabetes

Manage exercise

Manage cholesterol levels

Treat circulation problems


Transient ischemic attack

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic Brain injury is a state when external force suddenly injures the brain. This can be very dangerous as the brain is the most sensitive and important part of our body. Around 90% of people who get brain injury are not able to live a normal life. They may have retained their cerebral abilities but most of them suffer from memory problems.

The major problem after stroke is that patients are rehabilitated because they suffer from memory loss, thinking, awareness, learning and judgment power becomes quite nil and they are not in their senses due to needing proper care and attention.

Danny Jones is trying to help the patients by donating. There are many patients who are in need of money and are suffering from brain injury, stroke or mental illness. You can help them by joining hands with Danny Jones because your small mutual aid can save someone’s life. These gifts are tax exempted and without your support it will not be possible, so please help them.

His book titles are:


Stroke to a New Chapter in Life

Summary: “Do you think that having a stroke eats up your life and leaves you like a dead log? It is a conception which is mostly popular among the society and the stroke survivors themselves. But it is up to them to break the shackles of this age long convention and face the society with something new.”

(Date , Place ):There are hundreds of people who suffer from various strokes each year. Some of these strokes render them paralysed or handicapped for their whole life.  But this certainly does not mean that their life is finished. To set an example, has come the author of several e-books on strokes that he himself is a victim of stroke and has gone through the pain that all stroke affected people go through. In fact he has taken upon himself to make people aware of the ways strokes can be prevented in any form and even if it cannot be prevented men and women alike can spend the rest of their lives doing something fruitful instead of cursing their lives.

The author requires software which changes his words to text as he finds it difficult to do so himself, but nevertheless this small disability has never left him disheartened. In fact, he uses software’s like “Dragon Naturally speaking “in order to give voice to his opinions and pen them down for the world to benefit from his experience written down in the form of e-books.

He further gives a notice that there are some regular health check-ups which needs to be carried out in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and check for signs of stroke symptoms. Some of these preventive measures are controlling smoking habits, checking blood pressures, controlling alcohol consumption, keeping the cholesterol in check, regular exercises, not getting depressed and controlling diabetes or any other diseases.

The author not only comes across as an example but also an inspiration for many who are affected by stroke. In fact, he gives them hope that stroke may not be the end of one’s life but the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life which might have certain difficulties but they can be overcome through channelling one’s mind and actions into something productive from himself and the world at large.

Author bio: The author is Daniel Bryan Jones, who is himself a stroke survivor. He is also an advocate for stroke rights and an ambassador for the American Stroke Association. He writes on survival strategies and preventive measures of stroke victims.

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