“The LoveLock”: Another Romance and Suspense Masterpiece by Eichin Chang-Lim Launched


 Author: Dr. Eichin Chang-Lim

Book: The LoveLock

Address: Orange County, CA


[La Habra, California], [May 15, 2018] – Eichin Chang-Lim has yet launched another masterpiece readers will look forward to reading, “The LoveLock.”  The book is masterfully written in a romantic and suspenseful plot where everyone will surely never want to miss a part. The fourth book under her name, Eichin keeps her readers and book lovers wishing for more of her unique style of writing that seems to grip the heart of her readers with anticipation and excitement of what’s next to come.

The action-packed adventure thriller, “The LoveLock,” is another example of how the award-winning author captures her readers’ attention. A gripping love story between lovers from the past brought together by destiny through their troubled lives as children. Dylan and Violet are no stranger to painful truths and heartaches at an early age. But what happens when even on the next level of their life as adults, tragedy will keep on haunting them and tear each other’s lives all over again like the tempest storms sweeping through helpless souls?

Devastated, two hearts separate with only a locket to connect them no matter where the road leads them- “The LoveLock.”  Will love stand the test of time? Or like an old memory, love will be shoved at the back of each one’s mind to start a new life despite the struggles? Violet aspires to be an actress but like an unfortunate creature had to grapple with mental illness, leading her to the spotlight not of Hollywood but that of strip clubs to make ends meet. Dylan, longing for what once was, is just as struggling as Violet and haunted by the distant past and memories of trauma and the unknown future. Together apart, the two poor souls swim through dark paths, trapped in a world of drugs, surrounded by onerous and manipulative characters.

Readers will not be able to hold back tears and emotions to flow as the story progress. The emotional and ruthless thrillers such as “The LoveLock” is a proof why Eichin is well-loved, and fans keep tracks of her works and endeavors. A page-turner, readers, will soon find out what life has in store for Dylan and Violet who cannot let go of the memories of that one blissful day by the beach, what could have, the what if’s, and might have been. There is one ultimate question that needs an answer in “The LoveLock”– will healing the past and finding happiness could mean them being together? Or Alone?

This romance and suspense “The LoveLock” novel by Eichen, gave her a recognition every author dreams of achieving, and readers will have to read the book to find out why. While ePrintedBooks has launched thousands of writers and their books into global distribution,  only a few are chosen for induction into the much-coveted “The Hall of Fabulous Authors.”

About the Author:

Dr. Eichin chang-Lim is an actress, a writer, an optometrist, a wife, and mother of two children. Born in Taiwan, she now lives in Orange County with her husband and two children. Eichin and her husband hold private practice as optometrists near Los Angeles. She used to model in Taiwan during her college days and appeared in several short films. Her first three books which gave her equal recognition for being one of the best inspirational romance writers include “Flipping,” “A Mother’s Heart,” and “Love, A Tangled Knot.”

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Stroke Ambassador for the American stroke Association Helping Stroke Survivors

Mr. Daniel Bryan Jones is a stroke survivor. He suffered from a massive stroke in 2006 which changed his life completely and he took on an agenda to save as many patients as he can from stroke dilemmas by writing several books in which he gave a detailed description about the symptoms of stroke and its prevention. While his stroke did leave him handicapped; Danny Jones is an outstanding author, speaker, writer, and stroke ambassador for the American stroke Association, an advocate for stroke rights.

Daniel covers the following information and much more in his new books.

A stroke is a state when brain cells abruptly die due to lack of oxygen.  This is very dangerous as it can lead to patients death or serious stage like he might not be able to speak, memory loss could occur or even he can be paralyzed. If it is suspected you should immediately call for emergency. According to a study around 80% strokes can be prevented which is a huge number. This is a condition which can strike anyone at anytime.

He explained that there are mainly two types of stroke-

  • Ischemic stroke

  • Hemorrhagic stroke

Ischemic stroke- It is occurs due to blood clot which blocks the part of brain due to blood flow hindrance. Suppose if a blood clot is there in the body and it gets break and becomes floating it gets stuck in the brain and can hinder the blood flow in brain part which can lead to stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke- When the blood vessel in the brain ruptures and fills the brain space with blood.   Or the defective artery burst and fills the brain with blood, brain stops functioning which leads to stroke.

There are some strokes preventions which if detected the patient can be saved from this state-

Stop smoking

Knowing blood pressure

Control alcohol use

Know cholesterol levels

Control diabetes

Manage exercise

Manage cholesterol levels

Treat circulation problems


Transient ischemic attack

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic Brain injury is a state when external force suddenly injures the brain. This can be very dangerous as the brain is the most sensitive and important part of our body. Around 90% of people who get brain injury are not able to live a normal life. They may have retained their cerebral abilities but most of them suffer from memory problems.

The major problem after stroke is that patients are rehabilitated because they suffer from memory loss, thinking, awareness, learning and judgment power becomes quite nil and they are not in their senses due to needing proper care and attention.

Danny Jones is trying to help the patients by donating. There are many patients who are in need of money and are suffering from brain injury, stroke or mental illness. You can help them by joining hands with Danny Jones because your small mutual aid can save someone’s life. These gifts are tax exempted and without your support it will not be possible, so please help them.

His book titles are:


Stroke to a New Chapter in Life

Summary: “Do you think that having a stroke eats up your life and leaves you like a dead log? It is a conception which is mostly popular among the society and the stroke survivors themselves. But it is up to them to break the shackles of this age long convention and face the society with something new.”

(Date , Place ):There are hundreds of people who suffer from various strokes each year. Some of these strokes render them paralysed or handicapped for their whole life.  But this certainly does not mean that their life is finished. To set an example, has come the author of several e-books on strokes that he himself is a victim of stroke and has gone through the pain that all stroke affected people go through. In fact he has taken upon himself to make people aware of the ways strokes can be prevented in any form and even if it cannot be prevented men and women alike can spend the rest of their lives doing something fruitful instead of cursing their lives.

The author requires software which changes his words to text as he finds it difficult to do so himself, but nevertheless this small disability has never left him disheartened. In fact, he uses software’s like “Dragon Naturally speaking “in order to give voice to his opinions and pen them down for the world to benefit from his experience written down in the form of e-books.

He further gives a notice that there are some regular health check-ups which needs to be carried out in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and check for signs of stroke symptoms. Some of these preventive measures are controlling smoking habits, checking blood pressures, controlling alcohol consumption, keeping the cholesterol in check, regular exercises, not getting depressed and controlling diabetes or any other diseases.

The author not only comes across as an example but also an inspiration for many who are affected by stroke. In fact, he gives them hope that stroke may not be the end of one’s life but the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life which might have certain difficulties but they can be overcome through channelling one’s mind and actions into something productive from himself and the world at large.

Author bio: The author is Daniel Bryan Jones, who is himself a stroke survivor. He is also an advocate for stroke rights and an ambassador for the American Stroke Association. He writes on survival strategies and preventive measures of stroke victims.



A New 5 Star Romantic Series released by Arline Miller

Summary:  Arline Miller is proving to be one of the best- selling authors of modern romantic novels. In her very first piece- A Mistress, a Wife, she has undoubtedly explored the unexplored love triangle, which reaches its heights at a time when the wife turns an eternal enemy to the mistress and the husband.

23rd June 2015, (Georgia): Arline Miller has already brought out her first book ‘A Mistress, A Wife which would be continued in many sequels hereafter. The entire storyline with all the books have been clubbed under the series Reflections of Love’. True to the name of the series, the first instalment is a reflection of love and the relationship between three sets of people. The tradition of keeping a mistress along with a wife is not uncommon or unheard of in the past. In fact, it is a practice, which is continuing from generations. But not many authors have actually delved deep inside the minds of the people involved in such love triangles to find out the essence of such legitimate and not-so-legitimate love.

Coming to the author herself- Arline Miller has been brought up in a very close knit family. She was raised in Douglas GA where everyone was said to have known their neighbours. Such was the nature of relationships that young Miller had around her. This is exactly why, the subject of love and relationships are so very prominent in her works and series. The fact, that she had witnessed so many different relations at such a young age is what finds reflections in her work and series, today.

While Book 1 of the series – A Mistress, A Wife is already out in the market and can be purchased online too, Book 2 is in the last stage of writing. Readers can Expect Book 2 to be launched soon enough. Titled as “Tell me Lies; Love me still” is a journey of a woman who tries to retrospect her life asking questions she had never thought to find an answer to. It also explores the delicate father-daughter relationship as an integral part of the theme. Lies are somehow knitted in every relationship. But a relationship is successful only if it stands through the test of time and faces all the lies; and yet the love in that relationship does not die even a little bit. Book 2 – “Tell Me Lies, Love Me still’ is a very promising read indeed and would intrigue and interest the readers till the last page. This book can be bought in almost all leading bookstores as well as pre-ordered in Amazon.

With the synopsis of the second book out, and the first book being a huge success, Arline Miller has become a best –selling author of this year. In fact, most of the top reviews about her book have been accompanied by five star ratings. It is the ultimate romantic novel series of the year and is an unputdownable read for all the book lovers. The book has been so beautifully written that the heroes of the book are indeed three women- The Mistress, The Wife and The Author.

Contact Details:


Address: Kathleen, GA


Reflections of Love – A New Top Rated Book Series by Arline Miller

 Summary: “Arline Miller is writing a series of fiction stories, with the name of Reflections of Love, which are based mainly on romance and suspense. The story of this series is already published and it is titled as “A Mistress, A Wife”. This story revolves round a young girl named Rachelle, who was in love with a married man called Dave and how Dave’s wife seeks for punishing her for this offense. The second book of this series is named as “Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still”, which is a continuation of the first story, in the form of the love and lies in the life of Destaina, who was the listener of Rachael’s story in the first book. The second book is yet to be completed by the author, but the first book of this series is awarded 5 stars by the readers and reviewers.”

 Date, Place: Arline L. Miller was brought up in Douglas GA that is a relatively small city in the USA. Hence, as a small town girl, she has closely watched the ups and downs of the relationships and careers in larger cities and the views of the common people about the general life. Thus, she has spiced up all these real life experiences with her own imaginative power and fluency of writing, to create a series of romantic fictions, with the name of “Reflections of Love”.

The first novel of this series is named as A Mistress, A Wife and it has already gained lots of appreciation from the readers and the critics, thus earning her the rating of a 5 Star romance author.  This fiction story revolves around a beautiful girl called Rachelle and her love bond with a married man, Dave. The twist of the story is seen, when Dave’s wife learned about this extramarital affair of her husband and decided to punish Rachelle for this grave offense, thus forcing her to live a life in complete isolation. The whole story is presented in the version of a young girl Destaina, who was befriended by Rachelle during her exile and informed about her sufferings. The suspense of this story is actually presented in the form of the question arising in the mind of Destaina, about the actual reason of Rachelle telling her all about her personal love life and the warnings she wanted to convey to this young girl.

The second novel of this much awaited series is named as “Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still”, which starts with the query of Destaina about the uncanny interest of Rachelle in stopping her from going to her married lover, Harry. The essence of Love Triangle of the first book is also present here, in the form of Destaina’s love life and the consequent problems arising due to it. But the matters are further complicated here, by including the intrigue of Destaina in finding out everything about her own father. This book is yet to be finished; thus keeping the readers thoroughly intrigued for reading it, as they are also eagerly waiting for the rest of the books of this series, as they are mesmerized by the soul-searching spree of the first book of this five star fiction author.

Therefore, anyone interested in reading this book “A Mistress, A Wife” by Arline Miller, can easily buy it from any of the popular online stores, such as Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble,, and or visit her website.

Contact details:


Address: Kathleen, GA



Author Paul James Presents

Diary of a Canadian Nobody

An amusing, true-life tale of one brave soul’s quest for relevance

 January 26, 2017: Author Paul James is proud to announce the official publication of Diary of a Canadian Nobody, an amusing, true-life tale of one brave soul’s quest for relevance.


About The Book

Arthur Lakelady has many worries. Alys, his wife, is infatuated with the home renovator remodeling the kitchen – or so their teenage daughter Gwen says. How Gwen knows this is a mystery to Arthur, for she never leaves her bedroom, except to go to school and work. Gwen’s worried a family breakup will spoil her chances of a good university, but that doesn’t concern Arthur, for Gwen passes all her tests, often with more than 100% – which does worry Arthur, because schools, he feels, should understand the meaning of percentage. While Gwen’s university career may be assured, Arthur is worried his son Lance may not even graduate from junior school, unless Lance forsakes hockey and soccer soon.

Neither child’s university career may happen, though, because Arthur’s biggest worry lies at work, where his previously pleasant Canadian employer has just been taken over by Americans and they’ve replaced the local executives in order to introduce new ways. Arthur can see the new executives don’t think he’ll ever be new again. One particular new way worrying Arthur is IT and the Internet, which has become ubiquitous in 2001, and an ill-prepared Arthur is somehow supposed to lead his troops through this minefield. Arthur hires a young temp, Lydia, to help him, but she only adds to his worries: he worries about her wish to be closer to him, which isn’t allowed in the new ways, and he worries she’s just drifting through life without proper direction, which isn’t a good thing in Arthur’s old ways.

All these immediate, personal worries aren’t helped by a truly serious one: a modern ‘Mad Mahdi’ has just killed thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center, and Canada has agreed to join America and Britain in invading Afghanistan. Arthur sees the world needs someone who can clear the confusion, make the complex simple, and package it into manageable pieces; in short, it needs a diarist. Arthur may be a nobody right now, but in centuries to come he feels he could be considered the ‘Samuel Pepys of the 21st Century’.

Diary of a Canadian Nobody is available as a $2.99 digital download for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other digital retail outlets. The book is also available in paperback format (ISBN: 9781541171886, 272 pp, $14.95). For more information, please visit

About The Author

Paul James grew tired of waiting for a literary agent or publisher to snap up his masterpiece, so he began posting excerpts on social media, and when the reaction to those snippets was good, he published his work himself (well, with a little help from his friends).

Despite years of schooling and work in middle management, Paul can still see the funnier side of life. As well, living in central Canada with his wife and with the experience of raising two now grown-up and moved-out kids, he feels he can see both sides of any question – so much so, sometimes he can’t tell one side from the other.

When Paul isn’t writing, he can be found reading, traveling, or outdoors with a camera looking to capture amazing images of landscapes and wildlife.

To learn more about Paul James, please visit



Paul Sinkinson Publishes a second Action Adventure Thriller for His Fan Club

Summary: Paul Sinkinson has now published two action packed adventure thriller books, namely The Frenchman’s Daughters and The President’s Legionnaire. These books are already heading to top the charts.

May 2nd 2016: After much anticipation and long wait from his fan club, Paul Sinkinson is back in business with another outstanding thriller novel.  Paul Sinkinson has now written 2 action packed emotional and ruthless thrillers set in France.

The Frenchman’s Daughters. The storyline of the first of these two fiction novels is interwoven around many factual events immediately following the Dunkirk evacuation in Northern France and follows three young French girls and a group of allied soldiers through their training and the implementation of clandestine operations in France through to D-Day. The writer truly feels for their story having been brought up listening to the real life events of those who went through similar experiences.

The President’s Legionnaire. Published March 2016.  This latest novel is set in France during 1964 and follows a different storyline.  A young soldier whose father has been killed in a failed attempt to assassinate the French Political Leader becomes involved in retribution against the perpetrators. President De Gaulle’s outspoken views on the CIA in Europe and the involvement of the USA in South East Asia have made it more likely that he is in imminent danger from the members of an International Syndicate of Warmongers, Drug and Arms Dealers who are manipulating worldwide events for their mutual gain. The soldier, a Legionnaire, spearheads a small group of trusted associates against the Syndicate leaders in southern France whilst being pursued by agents of the CIA Black Operations. The story concludes with surprising revelations following the outcome of serious action in the French Pyrenees

These books are now available from Amazon, the online shopping giant, for the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia as well as all other Amazon sites around the World. Thanks to the wonderful fan base, author Paul Sinkinson is confident about his books, and their outcomes.

In a recent press conference, Paul Sinkinson was heard quoting, “I know how important it is for the people to understand more of what was required of the brave people who operated under cover in occupied France during WW2 and although perhaps controversial, those involved in fighting against the Black operations and attempts by International Syndicates of War Mongers, Financiers, Industrialists, Drug and Arms Dealers who were trying to manipulate events in their favour through Political assassinations during the periods leading up to and surrounding the Cold War. Even though we have many historical records, giving burning examples of such situations, many of these books didn’t catch up well with those born at those times or since. So, I decided to connect with these generations through these two strong thriller novels. I am satisfied with the present result, and quite confident, that both my books will score high.”

These two books have already attracted many 5 stars reviews from the readers. As per the latest conference, Paul Sinkinson was heard saying that he got his inspiration from living in France amongst the WW2 and Cold War veterans and listening to all their exploits. These two books have different storylines, making for more interesting reads and have already been described as eye-openers to the adults and youngsters alike, giving readers a clearer idea of those periods. As good and active reads, these two books are now heading towards becoming bestselling titles. The books are not just available in paper print, but in Kindle edition, for those, who want to read on a go.

To know more about the author and his books, please visit this link, Readers will receive detailed information about the storyline from here.

About the Company:

ePrintedBooks is a one-stop place for the self-publishers, looking for chances to showcase their books. This company deals with affordable eBook and printing service.