The Pro Bono Poetry Book Project by The Publisher ePrintedBooks

We are so sorry. Due to an ongoing tragedy this Pro Bono project has been canceled until hopefully, next year.

Submit Your Poetry Book to Our Pro Bono Project. Also Help Us Keep Our Pro Bono Projects Going by Telling Friends to Not Just Visit But Too Buy Books From Us.

A $4000.00 Value!

All submissions must be in by 12-1-2018

Here are the terms:

This publishing project is not a contest or a drawing. ePrintedBooks is accepting poetry books of any genre to look at for our pro bono project and should ePrintedBooks fall in love with your poetry book we will publish it (pro bono) under the terms listed here and below. We hope to publish this project before the end of 2018. You will also be inducted into “The Hall of Fabulous Authors”

Our goal with this pro bono project is to:
1: Help poets who have not had the opportunity to publish a book of poetry, or,
2: A poet who has only published in eBook format and never held their poetry books in their hands, or,
3: If you have a manuscript that has never been published and you have failed to make sales on all your prior poetry books.

Please understand (you retain your right to publish) that any writer may pull their submission out at any time during this project and publish somewhere else. But once we notify the poet we have chosen their poetry book for publication at this time that poet cannot pull their submission out. It must be published under the agreement laid out here by ePrintedBooks.

At least one of the poets who submit their poetry book will be published before the end of 2018.

The first poet we fall in love with will pay absolutely no money to have their poetry book published under the terms here and below. This publishing and marketing plan has a value of $4000.00

The one poetry book and poet we fall in love with will be published before the end of 2018 and will be marketed by ePrintedBooks. We will run ads, book promotions and press releases. When the time comes we will set up an online book signing.

ePrintedBooks will do a professional copy edit. We will set type on your interior design of your paperback and on your eBook that will be published globally. We will work with you to design your custom cover of your dreams.

The poet will be allowed to order (at any time after publication) one or as many copies of their paperback novel at wholesale prices. They may sell them at a profit from their home or from any place they hold an offline book signing. All profits the author makes on selling their paperback novel in offline places will be theirs to keep. ePrintedBooks will not require a share in these offline sales.

ePrintedBooks and the poet will share 50/50 on the royalties that will be made from the online poetry book sales from the marketing efforts of ePrintedBooks. The royalties will start being paid to the poet after the poet has accumulated $100.00 in royalties.

Traditional publishers do come calling at times. Because of ePrintedBooks and the poets’ combined efforts of working together to sell the poets book sometimes we get the attention of a traditional publisher that offers an exclusive publishing deal. If this does happen ePrintedBooks will forward all offers to the poet and once we have agreed on a deal ePrintedBooks will share with the poet 50% of the royalties and 50% of any upfront monies that comes from the traditional publisher.

The poet must agree to allow ePrintedBooks to have their poetry book and a picture of the poet in ePrintedBooks list of pro bono projects on their site.

All submissions that are not published will be returned to the submitter, and the submitter will retain 100% of their publishing rights.

All poets who submit their poetry book but do not get chosen for this pro bono project should keep watch for future projects.

Please read all of this before submitting your work. Any poetry you submit to ePrintedBooks must be your creativity so you have the right to publish it. It must not be copied from someone else’s writing. If you submit your poetry to us you are signing an agreement with ePrintedBooks that it is yours and you have publishing rights.

We are looking for a range of emotions, but request that your poetry not contain hate-filled or prejudicial messages. Thank you.

Now if you agree to the above terms please clicks here and submit your poetry book in a word document preferably a .doc file. Please to prevent mix ups put your full name, email address and phone number at the top of your .doc or .docx file before submitting your work. Please do not send PDF, ePub or mobi kindle files. We need a .doc or a .docx file. Thank you for your cooperation.