Hello, my name is Jason. I have loved words, as well as language arts, and being able to escape the world by getting involved in a wonderful novel or story, for as long as I can remember. Now, as an editor, I get to fulfill other artists’ dreams, while at the same time, my own.

I know that no one can promise perfection; it does not exist in this world. I will, however, strive ever onward, along with my clients, to attempt a finished work as close to perfection as we can achieve together.

I am so happy to be able to work with each and every author to help fulfill the dream of being published. The world around us is so full of amazing writers who, up until the wonderful computer age, may never have been able to be read on a large scale. I am looking forward to working with all of you, and helping you to take the next steps into a whole new world.

I am glad that I can help authors to achieve their goals, and I strive, along with my fellow editors at eprintedbooks.com, to offer this assistance at a much lower price than most services of the same variety. I work very closely with my clients, keeping them updated on progress, and listening to the voice that they are trying to get heard. My services, like my fellow editors at eprintedbooks.com, will include two full readings of each book. The second reading is offered at no extra cost to the author.

I look forward to hearing from you, my fellow writers and readers, and hopefully help to make some dreams come true.

After reading my testimonials below please click the following links if your novel has…

50K words and you would like a price to have it edited.

60K words and you would like a price to have it edited.

70K words and you would like a price to have it edited.

80K words and you would like a price to have it edited.

90K words and you would like a price to have it edited.

100K words and you would like a price to have it edited.


  • punctuation errors
  • spelling errors
  • grammatical errors
  • typographical errors and inconsistencies
  • errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage

Copy editing:

  • punctuation errors
  • spelling errors
  • grammatical errors
  • typographical errors and spelling inconsistencies
  • errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage
  • errors in sentence structure and word usage
  • minor sentence restructure to assist paragraph flow, if necessary
  • inconsistencies in storyline details
  • inconsistencies in character details


  • Proofreading services: $1.50 per page or .006 per word
  • Copy editing services: $2.25 per page or .009 per word

Customer Testimonials

The testimonials displayed on this site have not been edited or proofread, in order to maintain the authenticity. 

Joseph Cautilli and Marisha Cautilli

Our book landed a traditional publishing deal

Here is the series Jason worked on.

“Jason is an awesome copy editor. He edited our Zombies vs. Robots series and we both know that the series would not have achieved half its success without his eye for details and knowledge of grammar and syntax.”

Awesome Job, Jason.

Be back when we publish again.

Joseph Cautilli and Marisha Cautilli

Duncan Whitehead
Outstanding Editor

Here is a link to the book Jason worked on.

Unleashed – The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club

“Jason performed an outstanding job in editing my book “Unleashed – The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club” = he spotted so many errors I had made and I felt confident that my book was in good hands. I highly recommend him as an editor and will not hesitate to use his service when I next publish. Excellent.”

Excellent Job, Jason.

Be back when I publish again.

Duncan Whitehead

Leslie DuShane
I’m sending Jason my next book

Here is a link to the book Jason worked on:

Karma Calls

I’m really glad I found you.

I really appreciate all the great editing Jason did for me. Jeez, he even wrote the cover page and helped me with the title. Im sure that was not in his job description! I love to weave a tale, create a story! But,boy oh boy ,I need an editor. I was always nervous an editor would destroy my vision, make it seem like it isn’t even my story, anymore! ( it did happen with another editor and I had writers block for over a year) With Jason it was the exact opposite! He cleaned it up so well and when I read it, it seemed like mine. Just polished and shiny! Yay! I pray next time I finish a project Jason will be my editor once again. I hope he actually gets to proof read this before I send it to eprintedbooks! Lol Here’s to future projects! Thanks so much! 

An English teacher read “Karma Calls” while it was a blog and she told me I need a good editor. So I found Jason and after he edited the eBook the English teacher read “Karma Calls” once again and said: Just read the whole book! LOVED EVERY DROP OF IT! And understood the whole thing, the ideas, the feelings, the wishes coming true but not as expected… Thought “A Council of Zombies” was cool, but particularly like Smokin’ Joe I mean Sucker Punch Joey.

Gene Thomas, PhD

From a very satisfied customer

I have used a few copy editors in my writing over the years and for the most part I have noticed a big difference in the quality of work they do. 

Every writer wants his or her work to be treated with respect and not slashed or rewritten to suit the copy editor’s personal opinion of how the story should unfold.

Jason Sinner is the rare copy editor who is talented enough to leave his writing ego on the sidelines while he puts the finishing touches on an author’s work. I have found Jason to be fast, accurate and very precise with the corrections he has made for me.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what any writer wants from his or her copy editor? If that is what you want, Jason Sinner should be your copy editor.

Here is a link to the book Jason worked on.

Sitting on the Branch of an Olive Tree

Coming Soon: Link to “The Nechi”

I will be back with more books.

Gene Thomas, PhD

Janice Ross

Jason’s work was excellent

Here is a link to the book Jason worked on.

Damaged Girls Book One

I was already impressed with the services that I previously received from ePrintedBooks, so when I decided to put out the second edition of Damaged Girls I enlisted their editing services. Jason did a thorough edit of my novel and provided excellent feedback. As I browsed through his edits, his recommendations included explanations. Jason was efficient, and provided quality editing.

EprintedBooks has continually delivered exceptional services, overall. I highly recommend any writer or novelist that is serious about releasing quality work to contact ePrintedBooks.

Wonderful Job, Jason.

I will be back with more books.

Janice Ross

S.L. Pierce

Thorough edit!

Jason did an incredibly fast and thorough edit of my book Betrayed. In addition to the many typos, and grammatical errors he identified, he also corrected several places I had used the wrong character name. I don’t have to tell you how hard readers are on errors like that. I really feel he saved me from many bad reviews based on that alone. Jason kept me updated during the process so I was able to have my schedule clear in anticipation of him finishing. I was so pleased, I immediately requested his next opening to edit my book Secrets. I look forward to a long working relationship with Jason.

S.L. Pierce

P.S. Rowland

Exceptional Service!

Exceptional Service! I’m in the process of publishing my first collection of poetry. I’d been hunting for an editor that I felt would be a good fit, in addition to, providing a high quality service. I found the right guy! Jason has been a dream come true. Friendly, knowledgeable, incredibly thorough, and he had wonderful helpful suggestions that made my poetry all the better. The quality of his work was top notch. I toast to a long working relationship. Cheers!

P.S. Rowland

L. D. Gliddon

Really goes the extra mile

Writing to heal- US Writing to heal -UK

It can be a daunting task looking for an editor that you can trust with your work. I am elated that I have found just that in Jason. The Highest quality of editing. Will definitely be coming back for more. A true gentleman and a new friend. Will recommend to every author. Really goes the extra mile for his clients 🙂

L. D. Gliddon

Bryanna Plog

Testimonial for Jason Sinner (Proofreader)

My website

I was looking for a solid proofread to find those last typos, missed punctuation, and mistakes before I published. Jason delivered exactly what I needed. The service was cheaper than many others I looked into but quick (a week and a half) and thorough. Jason found those mistakes and inconsistencies that I knew must be there but couldn’t catch with my own eyes. Very friendly and approachable, Jason kept me updated on where he was at in his process, also proofread my book blurb, and provided his personal feedback on the book for good measure.

I recommend Jason’s services to any writer who is looking for someone to give a manuscript a last lookover right before publishing. Especially for self-published authors like myself, Jason’s proofread will make your book look and read more professionally. A must for any writer who wants their readers to enjoy their stories and no be distracted by the occasional typo!

Bryanna Plog

Author of Misspelled Paradise: A Year in a Reinvented Colombia

Ethan Surland

Treated with Professionalism

From the moment I contacted Jason Sinner I was treated with professionalism and helpful input. Mr. Sinner thoroughly read my book and found grammar and spelling errors that were invisible to my eyes. I feel confident that my book is polished and ready to be read!

Ethan Surland

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What Our Clients

Are Saying About Us

Under each testimony is the author’s name and a link “On Twitter”. We invite you to click over and talk with any of these authors to verify their testimony. Tesimonies are in their own words and unedited.

“Indie authors seek help when our books are published. I chose ePrintedBooks which gave me efficiency and the most economical plan I found. I received outstanding service with extraordinary promptness in quality publishing. I didn’t have to make a decision for my second book. ePrintedBooks will be my choice.”

Arline Miller
Kathleen, Ga. USA. – On Twitter

“I love, love, love ePrintedbooks! They took me in when I was new to writing (and self-publishing) community and now I don’t know what I would do without them! So kind and professional. Very patient and doesn’t mind explaining things. I’ve never been disappointed with their work!”

Madeline Courtney
Carthage, Mo. USA. – On Twitter

“Where does one get expert publishing, copy editing and professional book cover design that helps the author put their work out there quickly and at a fair price? At ePrintedBooks. It’s where I’ve gone five times. I trust the professionals at ePrintedBooks to handle my work as if it were their own.”

Gene Thomas
Belmopan, belize, C.A. – On Twitter

“I have had an amazing experience with ePrintedBooks since the first time I have worked with the company. I have received quality service with stellar work. I always feel that my books are in phenomenal hands of the staff at ePrintedbooks. I highly recommend the company”

LaDonna Marie
Ms. USA – On Twitter

“Whether you are a New Author or an Established one, if you are looking for quality, cost effective services for Proof Reading, Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, Publishing and Marketing then I can thoroughly recommend Steve Caresser and his ePrintedBooks Team as the very Best in Class.”

Paul Sinkinson
France – On Twitter

“We’ve worked with ePrintedBooks to format our client’s ebooks for several years now, and could not be more pleased with the quality of the work and attentive customer service. Steve and his team work until you are satisfied–they make getting through the publication process much easier!”

Alex Greenwood
Kansas City, USA – On Twitter

“How successful you feel is how successful you can be as a writer. Steve Caresser at eprintedbooks makes the process of formatting for ebooks so simple that you can’t help but feel good about it. My short novel The Moon of Innocence is being made into a movie by top notch people and my stage play Lord Byron’s Coda is receiving a pre-Broadway workshop. I wrote them. He made sure these and all my books are available in the best possible way. Thank you, eprintedbooks.”

Uke Jackson
Hollywood, Fl. USA. – On Twitter

“I recommend ePrintedBooks and owner Steve Caresser with the highest regard. He helped me to get all five of my books either edited, formatted for Kindle and they has a excellent department for classy, eye catching book covers. When he says ‘one stop shopping for authors’ it couldn’t be more true. Thanks to ePrintedBooks I have all Five of my books for sale on Amazon and; I could not be happier.”

Daniel Bryan Jones
Orange county Ca. USA–On Twitter

“I must say that when I needed to format my books for Amazon, I didn’t know where to begin. But then a fellow author from America introduced me to Steve at eprintedbooks and thankfully, he came up with just the job. Steve formatted my books and uploaded to Amazon within 24 hours. I always use Steve and recommend him to everybody. I have also featured Steve and eprintedbooks in many of my marketing books for the indie author. ”

David P Perlmutter
London, England. – On Twitter

“I highly recommend eprintedbooks for anyone who wants an eBook/paperback published. The professionalism of the company makes it so it is a pleasure to do business with them. Their communicative skills and the way they go about things, i.e. getting a novel in print and advertising the same, is second to none and I state this from my experience as a client of eprintedbooks.”

Richard Adamski
West Midlands, England.–On Twitter

“So pleased with the quality of my novel, Diary of a Canadian Nobody, published by ePrintedBooks and also with the quality and effort the people there have put into marketing it. I couldn’t have done it without them and I really do recommend them to other authors.”

Paul James
Ontario, Canada. – On Twitter

“I use ePrintedBooks for all of my publishing needs. I have published 4 books, tweaked two of them more than once, and had Steve update them on all of Createspace, Kindle and Smashwords. I have also used ePrintedBooks to publish 2 books for my husband. I find Steve and his team to be prompt, courteous and very accommodating, and they produce a great product. He offers a great range of services, tailored to meet everyone’s needs. Definitely the best bang for your buck! ”

Gloria Antypowich
Horsefly, B.C., Canada.–On Twitter

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