Best Selling Author Club

We are giving 30 writers a free 2-year membership. If you are interested in joining please contact Steve Caresser and give him your amazon kindle link you wish to start with and send your FB and Twitter links. This means when you have me sign you up for a free 2-year membership you pay nothing down and no monthly payments for the two years you will be a member, and after the 2 years are up if you wish to leave the club you may do so with no penalties.

If you wish to help the club with some finances and you don’t need to sign up for free. You may sign up with our online cart. We appreciate all the support we can get. Thanks.

Once you are signed up, we will send you instructions on how the club works and if you decide to leave you may do so.

Nothing worse than becoming a “Best Selling Author,” and then having readers complain about your book design or your editing. If you need help with book design or editing contact, Steve Caresser. Don’t join with a poor book design or poor editing job.

If you are already a bestselling author don’t join.

We are a club of authors working together with the goal of helping all members to become bestselling authors.

We will not teach you how to become a bestselling author but, all members will work together with our proven method and make it happen.

This club is for authors who want to become a bestselling author so they can contact top national radio stations and TV stations with the title of “Best Selling Author” so they can start getting noticed and really start selling books.

Therefore, if you are not a team player please do not join. If you do not want to help make yourself and other members become bestselling authors then please do not join.

Once you have the title of “Best Selling Author” doors will open up for you. You can then promote yourself on social media as a “Best Selling Author” and you can contact National TV & Radio Stations as a “Best Selling Author” and that’s the key to getting interviews and that is the key to selling books.