Important Note!

While we do not oppose religion or politics. Our business is conducted in a neutral fashion for the sake of everyone on our wall. Our business will not help spread any religious or political group. If all you have to offer is religious or political art please do not sign up. If you have a selection of non-religious/non-political art and along with some religious and/or political art you can sign up. Please be advised that religious or political at or religious or political blurbs will not be used on our wall or in our press releases. Thank you for your cooperation.

Why do we charge a small signup fee?

During each month, The Whole World News™, does an extensive search to find and induct at least one artist free of cost into our Indie Artists Wall of Fame™. Our small signup fee helps to minimize our time and labor cost, and it speeds up filling each section of our Wall with inductions so we can benefit all artists with more SEO and by sending out our press releases. When a artist pays our small signup fee, it alerts us to look at their profile and their art for induction consideration. We base induction on artistic ability, not solely on 5-star reviews. If we like what we see, we induct them into our Wall of Fame, and their signup fee is used to further our Wall's success. If we feel they are not ready for our Wall of Fame we privately return their fee.  

How Our Press Releases Work

On our wall we have 4 sets of 25 artists. 1st set is 1-25. 2nd set is 26-50. 3rd set is 51-75. The 4th set is 76-100.

On each set of 25 we let each artist in their set send us their title and artist name along with a 35 word blurb about their favorite art and we put this into the press release of the set they are in.

Blurb example:

The Scared Crow by Steve Caresser

The Scared Crow, is a painting with a rainbow-colored background and the scared crow is invisibly visible throughout in every color and size. You can stare all day and never find all the scared crows.

End blurb example:

Once all blurbs are in place, we will have our editor edit the press release and then we do a massive distribution our goal being 500+ news outlets including but not limited to: NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

A Permanent Piece of Real Estate

Think of our wall as if it were a permanent piece of real estate. Once we put you on our wall, no one, not even you can take you off (excluding the Governments of course).

A Store with Only 100 Products

Our wall is like a store that a person walks into from the streets of the internet, and they only find 100 products to look at. Should you be inducted yours would be one of them.

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Lock In While You Still Can

Lock in on your Artistship on our dynamic, Indie Artists Wall of Fame™. Because once 100 Artists are on the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™ you will have missed out, and lost out, on valuable time needed to promote your art. I'm sure you noticed that each artist has a link going to their website or Amazon artist page where their art is up for sale.

Important Marketing Rule

Don't think for a moment because there are 100 Artists on the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™, that this will not help all of our Artists. One huge marketing rule: if you wish to sell shoes then put your shoe store next to another shoe store. The more shoe stores that are together the more stimulation it creates in the visitors to order more shoes from all of the stores.

When real art lovers start coming to the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™, they will be stimulated to surf the Artists, clicking an artist sending the page into another tab and then coming back to click another one over and over again, and then book mark the page to come back and surf more. This will help produce sales for all our Artists.

Room For Only 100

Once all 100 Artists are in place the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™ will be flooding search engines and our buy link to our cart will disappear. So while you still can please help us fill it, thanks!

Consistently Promoted on Social Media

Indie Artists Wall of Fame™, will be consistently promoted on social media. We will be building the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™ up with the best SEO to get it into the top 10 on all the search engines.

Press Releases - SEO & More

For every 25 Artists that come aboard, The Whole World News™ will write a press release with a major distribution and do a major SEO to bring search engines to the Indie Artists Wall of Fame™. AND SO MUCH MORE.....

Now is the time to join the celebration!

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