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Paul James

Visitors >   Paul James is a Canadian writer making his dreams come true!     Paul James’s debut novel of comedy along with everyday life will keep you in suspense while laughing! Paul’s novel is now available in print & ebook!     Important Note! The Whole World News’ has interviewed Paul James about […]

Christie Moses

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Letters West By Christie Moses “I have stood on great mountaintops and felt my immortality; I am one being of land and sea. There is no sound but my heart and wind expelled from countless souls filtered to the very breath of illusion. How you shift beside me; our separation […]

Phil Rosenberg

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE Job Search Secrets By Phil Rosenberg For an insider’s look at getting hired, purchase this book by Phil Rosenberg, internationally recognized job search expert, the most connected career coach on Linkedin, and former recruiter. Learn how Phil teaches job seekers to accelerate their job search and thrive in today’s massively […]