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Daniel Bryan Jones

The first edition of “Stroke Hope Stroke Awareness” was not edited. This 2nd edition has been edited. How to reduce your chance of having a Stroke. this book is written by me, a stroke survivor of seven years. I was lucky to have had excellent medical insurance and was able to live and receive World […]

Paul Hollis

Buy on CLICK HERE by Paul Hollis London Bridge is Falling Down (The Hollow Man Series Book 2) #1 Amazon Bestseller – True Espionage Exciting Follow-Up to The Hollow Man In an exhilarating blend of adventure and international intrigue, U.S. field analyst Doc and his partner, Zita, an MI6 agent, are drawn into the […]

Jason A. Sinner

Buy on Smashwords CLICK HERE A Sinner’s Philosophy By Jason A Sinner Jason Sinner is a singer/songwriter/composer who has written and co-written for television and movies. Although best known for his music, he has been getting recognition for his poetry as well. He expresses every emotion in his poetry, and writes from deep inside his […]