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About ePrintedBooks™

A one stop self-publishers shop!


Self Publishing-Book Marketing-Hello, I’m Steve Caresser. Some call me an author and some call me a poet. I believe one day I could very well be. Don’t most of us live in hope? So I’m just a fellow writer and I’m the owner and CEO of ePrintedBooks. Thanks for stopping by to check us out.

We produce well-edited, high-quality books for self-publishers who retain 100% of their royalties.

Our mission statement is to help fellow authors to self-publish and when possible at no cost to some. And too always treat them just like family members. We actively support authors on Twitter and FB.

Keep reading; I’m going to save you a lot of time and money on our site. Our prices are comparable with our competitors. Each time an author orders our services at regular price it gives us a surplus that goes toward publishing the next homeless author’s print and eBook. We just love working with and helping authors as much as we can. We have over 1000 happy returning authors. We try to help at least 2 authors per year (wish we could help more) to self-publish with no charge. If you can afford our regular prices, then you will be helping a homeless author to get self-published. If you can’t afford our regular prices don’t let our prices scare you off, we can set up a payment plan. just use our contact form and attach your word doc. (We need to see your doc because some authors cause major formatting problems and some don’t.) So attach your doc and tell us what you wish to accomplish, and we will give you a no obligated discounted estimate.

We have top performing copy editors editing our clients’ books, so please feel free to check their testimonies. However, I am not an editor and sometimes I post without our editors scrutiny, so if you see an error on our website that I designed and manage I appreciate it when you let me know, as I am an author and poet needing my writings edited just like most of you do.

If you’re stressed out you might want to watch a short video and take a walk with Steve Caresser along a beautiful creek. By the way, join us for the latest in world news witha twist 🙂 TheWholeWorldNews

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We also offer professional, yet affordable, copy editing and proofreading services. We have 2 editors working with us.

Melissa Gray, click here!

Jason Sinner, click here!


Michael was homeless when we published his poetry in print & eBook at no cost to him. We uploaded it into the 15+ stores and he is receiving 100% of the royalties. It felt good helping a fellow author. He is forever grateful.

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