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These 5 star authors are handpicked by ePrintedBooks for their fabulous qualities that are reflected in their books they write. They all have something very valuable to offer readers in the literary world. To read about them or sample their books just click their picture.

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I have fallen in love with
another author and their novel

by Donna Siggers
Mystery Thriller & Suspense Novel!

The following paragraph is a quote from Donna Siggers.

"It wasn't until I was selected as a top ten finalist for an Author Academy Award last year despite having nothing to do with Kary Oberbrunner's organizations that I realized my potential as an author. I wasn't the only international finalist but was the only international winner."

I'm Steve Caresser, and I had the pleasure reading Broken by Donna Siggers, during a cold, cold night while watching (from the corner of my eye) the hickory logs dancing with flames of fire and soon into the book the wheels of the roller-coaster ride were heating up as my heart was stirred with powerful emotions. The twist and turns of this roller-coaster ride will toss you out if you do not brace yourself. I loved bringing such an outstanding writer into my den as I enjoyed my coffee while reading her heart felt words. It is obvious Donna has a vast knowledge of criminology and psychology.

Donna Siggers, writes from her heart. When a writer writes from their heart their novel comes alive and you find yourself feeling every emotion of the character's and writer. The novel becomes contagious, hard to put down. Their writing becomes like your favorite movie and song playing over and over again in your mind. You find yourself taking part with the character's, hoping their hopes, praying this one doesn't die and sometimes hoping something happens to that rat about to harm your favorite character.

I believe Donna Siggers new novel, Broken, will one day be another book to movie project that I'm sure all her fans who have and are going to read her novel would agree and welcome the movie when it does make its debut.

Cheers for Donna Siggers and her new novel, Broken, that was not only added to a collection from around the world by "The Whole World News" (with over 1,732,680 real people visiting) but also added to their worldwide collection of "10 Of The Best Mystery Thriller & Suspense Novels".

Visit the following links to learn more about Broken by Donna Siggers.

Broken by Donna Siggers

10 Of The Best Mystery Thriller & Suspense Novels

Cheers for Donna Siggers

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David P Perlmutter is a
Very Much Admired Author

"Wrong Place Wrong Time"
by David P Perlmutter
IS Now A Book To Movie Project!

I'm Steve Caresser and I met David before his book "Wrong Place Wrong Time" was published. I set type for his book and I told him at that time his book would one day be made into a movie. Why did I tell David his book would one day be made into a movie? Because his book got me into trouble! When I was setting type I could not stop reading his book, it put me 8 hours behind on work, and my disabled wife that I care for 24/7 had to holler 5 or 6 times each time she needed me to give her help to get me to stop reading, sorry about that love.

Is it no wonder that David's gripping real life account has had readers leaving 5* reviews on Amazon in their hundreds.

Quoting David: "Having lost everything, I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Little did I know that I'm about to be thrust into the most terrifying time of my life."

If you wish to buy "Wrong Place Wrong Time" just click David's picture! If you wish to keep up with David's progress on his Book to Movie project just click any of the following links.

Face Book for his movie
His book on Amazon
Golden Mile Productions
David's blog spot

Cheers for David P Perlmutter

 Betty Dravis  Arline Miller is a Georgia Peach!

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Betty Dravis is an
Icon Very Much Admired

Betty Dravis, is a novelty of an author who is making her dreams come true not only as a published author who not only wrote a book called , Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons, all about enjoying the company of Clint Eastwood (who is still one of my favorite actors) and other Hollywood Icons, but she wrote many other books.

After all of that, would you be surprised to find out she recently had one of her short stories from a book that ePrintedBooks set type on when it first hit the stores called , Six Pack of Blood, that has been produced by , Forbidden Tears Productions, into a short film called , Heavy Metal, and it is up on Amazon for sale or you can rent it.

Cheers for Betty Dravis


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"The Hall of Fabulous Authors"

Rock Hands - Gerald's Gift
and Curse (The Beginning)

ePrintedBooks is soon to launch this new series of books called "Rock Hands" by Gene Thomas. So keep watch for it in your favorite bookstores worldwide.

Review by Jason Sinner
5 stars all the way!

Gene Thomas has done it again! With an epic tale spanning generations, he has taken us on an amazing journey. The characters in Rock Hands will pull you into their world and make you want to stay. A novel full of life, love and family that will keep you turning the pages way into the night. A fight for survival, literally and figuratively, Rock Hands will be one of the best novels you read this year. I highly recommend this novel! You will not be disappointed!

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