Copper – Author & Book Promotion + Web Page – up to 4 books


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Copper - Author & Book Promotion + Web Page - up to 4 books
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Copper: “Author Promotion Page”


3 Bonuses if you order this marketing plan at $695.00! 


Bonus 1: We will display advertise your book cover (1 year) topside in our viral content Media website  a value of $300. During the past 12 months some of the books in our marketing plan were seen by 1,732,680 real people. Coming from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more….


Bonus 2: We will display advertise your book cover (1 year) on our main high traffic website valued at 100.00 


Bonus 3: Should you order today. We will produce a similar video for you as this one Book Video Presentation! and put it on your “Author Promotion Page” and it can be uploaded to your youtube account so you can send it out in social media.


✰ Copper: 1 to 4 books for only $695.00 when it’s on sale.

The marketing plan is applied to the web page with your first book on it. Then we add up to 4 books to your page but we do not do a marketing plan on each book. If you want a marketing plan on another book that’s been added to your page you will need to order this marketing plan.

Designed to come up, at times, on the first page of search engine results, and sometimes above Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and other big names.

Q: Why is our “Author Promo Page” the most dynamic author page you will find?

A: One reason is that no author page in any bookstore could ever compare to our “Author Promo Page!” Why do we say that? Because it will have a link for each book going to iBooks, Sony, Barns and Nobles, Amazon, Smashwords and any other place your book is for sale. So instantly a person can choose the bookstore he/she likes best, and has an account with, and click over and buy. Because of competition between bookstores, your author pages will never have the dynamics our “Author Promo Page” has.

Q: Why would an author need our promo page?

A: Because when a reader searches for your type of book in Google, Yahoo or Bing, at times your book will come up on the front page above the big names like Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo etc. So, at times this gives your book an opportunity to be seen before everyone else’s book. So if you are tired of never being seen in Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo etc, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your books seen.


Q: What if I only have one book?


A: We get your one book up and start the SEO and then add books as you publish them.

Click here to see a live “Author Promo Page” 


We also put your promo page into our seo WordPress system.

Click here to see a live “Author Promo Page” in our seo WordPress system


Online Print Book Signing Option

We host your print book signing online. You order at wholesale price, 5-10 or however many of your print books you wish to have on hand. You figure out the shipping from your house + book price and make a paypal button from your account and we set this all up on your “Author Promo Page”! This is done twice at no extra cost.


Online eBook Signing Option

This is only for authors who had us format their eBook. If you have a scanner at home, we host your eBook signing online, and we set this all up on your “Author Promo Page”! When a reader orders the signed eBook from your PayPal button on your “Author Promo Page”, they tell you 10 – 15 kind words to write and sign on a piece of paper and you lay this paper under your author picture and do a high resolution scan of it and then send it to us and we put it on the 2nd page of your kindle eBook and then we send it to you, in turn you send it to your reader. This is done once, until you signed 30 books at no extra cost.


This is what else we do to promote your Author Page:


I will rank you in the top 10 in Google with All in One seo backlinks for your Author’s page. Backlinks are the single most important thing you can do to get your Author page listed in the top 10 of Google. Let us handle all this for you! First we have our team of professional’s write you a great press release, then we publish the relase to 250 top online newspapers and tv channels

No need to pay thousands of dollars to big SEO companies. We don’t waste your time and money. We provide real 100% white-hat technique.FULL SEO REPORT

Web 2.0 Backlinks-very powerful for ranking high on Google
Forums Profiles- 1,000
Contextual links (all anchored)- 400
Manual Blogger posts (High pa-da)- 4
Manual Tumblr posts (High pa-da)– 4

Second tier:
Gsa ser links to index your first tier– 2,000

Third tier :
Blog comments only to index links– 40,000

This is the best SEO package available for better Google ranking!

Full Report

Exceptional Service

Self published authors need all of the help and expertise they can find and I found what I needed through Steve at ePrintedBooks. Fast but dependable service with attention to details and those shortcuts of publishing on Amazon is their way of supporting new authors and giving the most for each dollar spent. Friendly and professional while charging the fairest prices for their exceptional service. Will I use their services again? Of course. When I publish, I think of ePrinted Books.
- Arline Miller

Marketing is Everything

For any author, getting your book out to buyers is as important as writing the book. In today's world, millions of books are available to readers so having them find yours is a challenge. Eprintedbooks' marketing plans are a great way to make that visibility happen.
- Paul James

First Class Book Package

Having had Steve Caresser guide me through the publishing process for my two novels I can certainly recommend his services to both New and Existing Authors. I'm currently writing my third novel and Steve Caresser and ePrinted Books will be my first port of call once it is finished. Paul Sinkinson SW France The Frenchman's Daughters The President's Legionnaire

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