Amazon eBook Kindle Format, Typesetting – Have 40 or Less Chapter Headings?


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Important Note! This price is based on 40 or less chapter headings. If you have more than 40 find the other product.

Amazon eBook Kindle Format, Typesetting is only $50.00

This price doesn’t include docs for nonfiction books or image-heavy projects, or books with  foot and end notes, which usually require more complex formatting. But you can still contact us for a quote on any project, send us the doc and a description of what you want done, and we will give you a job quote. Thank you for your business!

You send us an English written  Microsoft word .doc, or an Open Office word .doc.

This package is properly formatted and converted eBook for popular digital devices.

Final files compatible with all online bookstores.

We work with your manuscript until it passes the “International Digital Publishing Forum” the Trade and Standards Organization for the Digital Publishing Industry.

We give you:

#1: A professional linked formatted doc guaranteed to pass Amazon KDP Select.

Job completion always depends on our workload at the time of your order. You can always contact us before ordering to find out how long it will take us.


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