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Welcome To ePrintedBooks Self-Publishing Division

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Self Publishing- We offer some of the Authors. Self Publishers will love our site. We are here for you!

Book Marketing- WE have some of the best and most competitive Book Marketing available. We have some of the most aggressive Book Marketing Plans available!

Book Editing Services- We have very gifted book editors on staff. They will edit and proofread your book and make sure it’s ready for publishing. Their work is second to none!

Dynamic Authors Website- Showcase your books on your own Authors Website.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Under each testimony is the author’s name and a link “On Twitter”.
We invite you to click over and talk with any of these authors to verify their testimony.
Tesimonies are in their own words and unedited.

“Indie authors seek help when our books are published. I chose ePrintedBooks which gave me efficiency and the most economical plan I found. I received outstanding service with extraordinary promptness in quality publishing. I didn’t have to make a decision for my second book. ePrintedBooks will be my choice.”

Arline Miller
Kathleen, Ga. USA. – On Twitter
“I love, love, love ePrintedbooks! They took me in when I was new to writing (and self-publishing) community and now I don’t know what I would do without them! So kind and professional. Very patient and doesn’t mind explaining things. I’ve never been disappointed with their work!”

Madeline Courtney
Carthage, Mo. USA. – On Twitter

“Where does one get expert publishing, copy editing and professional book cover design that helps the author put their work out there quickly and at a fair price? At ePrintedBooks. It’s where I’ve gone five times. I trust the professionals at ePrintedBooks to handle my work as if it were their own.”

Gene Thomas
Belmopan, belize, C.A. – On Twitter

“I have had an amazing experience with ePrintedBooks since the first time I have worked with the company. I have received quality service with stellar work. I always feel that my books are in phenomenal hands of the staff at ePrintedbooks. I highly recommend the company”

LaDonna Marie
Ms. USA – On Twitter

“Whether you are a New Author or an Established one, if you are looking for quality, cost effective services for Proof Reading, Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, Publishing and Marketing then I can thoroughly recommend Steve Caresser and his ePrintedBooks Team as the very Best in Class.”

Paul Sinkinson
France – On Twitter

“We’ve worked with ePrintedBooks to format our client’s ebooks for several years now, and could not be more pleased with the quality of the work and attentive customer service. Steve and his team work until you are satisfied–they make getting through the publication process much easier!”

Alex Greenwood
Kansas City, USA – On Twitter

“How successful you feel is how successful you can be as a writer. Steve Caresser at eprintedbooks makes the process of formatting for ebooks so simple that you can’t help but feel good about it. My short novel The Moon of Innocence is being made into a movie by top notch people and my stage play Lord Byron’s Coda is receiving a pre-Broadway workshop. I wrote them. He made sure these and all my books are available in the best possible way. Thank you, eprintedbooks.”

Uke Jackson
Hollywood, Fl. USA. – On Twitter

“I recommend ePrintedBooks and owner Steve Caresser with the highest regard. He helped me to get all five of my books either edited, formatted for Kindle and they has a excellent department for classy, eye catching book covers. When he says ‘one stop shopping for authors’ it couldn’t be more true. Thanks to ePrintedBooks I have all Five of my books for sale on Amazon and; I could not be happier.”

Daniel Bryan Jones
Orange county Ca. USA–On Twitter

“I must say that when I needed to format my books for Amazon, I didn’t know where to begin. But then a fellow author from America introduced me to Steve at eprintedbooks and thankfully, he came up with just the job. Steve formatted my books and uploaded to Amazon within 24 hours. I always use Steve and recommend him to everybody. I have also featured Steve and eprintedbooks in many of my marketing books for the indie author. ”

David P Perlmutter
London, England. – On Twitter

“I highly recommend eprintedbooks for anyone who wants an eBook/paperback published. The professionalism of the company makes it so it is a pleasure to do business with them. Their communicative skills and the way they go about things, i.e. getting a novel in print and advertising the same, is second to none and I state this from my experience as a client of eprintedbooks.”

Richard Adamski
West Midlands, England.–On Twitter

“So pleased with the quality of my novel, Diary of a Canadian Nobody, published by ePrintedBooks and also with the quality and effort the people there have put into marketing it. I couldn’t have done it without them and I really do recommend them to other authors.”

Paul James
Ontario, Canada. – On Twitter

“I use ePrintedBooks for all of my publishing needs. I have published 4 books, tweaked two of them more than once, and had Steve update them on all of Createspace, Kindle and Smashwords. I have also used ePrintedBooks to publish 2 books for my husband. I find Steve and his team to be prompt, courteous and very accommodating, and they produce a great product. He offers a great range of services, tailored to meet everyone’s needs. Definitely the best bang for your buck! ”

Gloria Antypowich
Horsefly, B.C., Canada.–On Twitter

Simple steps to

self-publishing using
ePrintedBook’s Services

1st Simple Step

    • Have your book edited by a professional.
    • If your book has not been professionally edited, click the shop link above and look for the editing section of our self-publishing services, and order a professional edit.
    • Or read our full Gold launch package for 70,000 words or less, and see if it is right for you.
    • When the edit of your book is complete, move on to step two.
  • If your book has already been edited, proceed to the next step.

2nd Simple Step

    • Browse our self-publishing services and find the package that is right for you.
    • Or, if you want a package that will put your ebook and paperback into global distribution in 2-6 weeks, check out our Silver Book Launch Package – with no edit and see If it is right for you.
    • If you just want an ebook launched or, just a paperback launched, then browse our self-publishing services and find your package.

3rd Simple Step

    • If you placed your package order, sit down and have a cup of coffee or your favorite cold drink and Steve Caresser will be contacting you soon to line up your book launch!
    • If you did not place a book launch order and you have any questions at all, just remember Steve Caresser charges nothing to answer any and all questions you may have.
  • So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together on launching your book!

Our Latest Book Cover Designs

Below are our latest book cover designs. Some of the books we have launched into global distribution.

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If we are offline you can leave us a message.
If you wish to visit us or write us, our address is below.

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Science Hill, KY.

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